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OUT NOW: Foam Magazine #10 'Stories'

OUT NOW: Foam Magazine #10 'Stories'

Suky Best » Larry Burrows  » Raphaël Dallaporta » Wendy McMurdo » Alessandra Sanguinetti » Hunter S. Thompson »

New issue: 1 May – 30 Jun 2007

Foam Magazine

Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam

+31 (0)20-5516500


Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and Vandejong Communications proudly present Foam Magazine #10 'Stories' Portfolios by: Larry Burrows | Alessandra Sanguinetti | Suky Best | Raphaël Dallaporta | Hunter S. Thompson | Wendy McMurdo Essays and interviews: Marcel Feil | Eric Miles | Ken Grant | Laura Noble | Arnoud van Adrichem & Jan Baetens | Raphaëlle Stopin | Ariejan Korteweg | Vikki Bell. 'Stories' Foam Magazine #10 'Stories' is the second issue published since the successful relaunch of the magazine in December last year. The central theme of this issue is 'Stories' and it concentrates on the kind of work where the photographer consciously aims to put a story across. The ways this can be done are quite diverse, as the six portfolios in this issue demonstrate. The historical photo-essay is represented by a famous example from Larry Burrows, originally published in Life magazine in 1965. Entirely different is the photo novel that British artist Suky Best published some ten years ago, in which she shamelessly exploits the visual language found in the cheap sentimental magazines. The relationship between text and image is also a key aspect of the work of Raphaël Dallaporta, dealing with gruesome stories about abuse of power and modern forms of slavery. Wendy McMurdo's project Wrecks of Scapa concentrates on dramatic events at Scapa Flow, where in June 1919 the German High Seas Fleet was scuttled to prevent it falling into the hands of the Allies. Renowned Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson is included with a selection of photos he made during his time with the Hell's Angels in California in the 1960s, and Alessandra Sanguinetti with her series about the cousins Guille and Belinda living on a farm in rural Argentina, where they act out their fantasies in front of the camera. The issue also features an elaborate interview with Manfred Heiting by Eric Miles about his unique and important collection of photobooks. And in the regular section 'On My Mind' Helmut Lang, Hellen van Meene, Rhonda Wilson, Terry Jones, Kerry Warn and Martin Barnes tell us about the image that has been occupying them particularly of late. The issue is introduced by Marcel Feil, curator at Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, and also includes information about Foam's exhibition programme, with particular reference to James Nachtwey, and a book section with reviews of recently published photobooks. Foam Magazine ISBN 978-90-70516-03-1, ISSN 1570-4874, 176 pages. www.foammagazine.nl Newsstand distribution: Betapress, Gilze (NL); Imapress, Turnhout (Belgium), Johnsons International News, Milan (international distribution); Central Books, London (specialised bookstores). For information please contact: Tanja Wallroth, managing editor, tanja@foammagazine.nl , T +31 20 551 6500 or Marieke Kitzen, Marketing & PR, marieke@foammagazine.nl , T 31 20 462 2062. For more information on the publishers, see: www.foam.nl and www.vandejong.nl