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arrive, depart.
G. Roland Biermann: 'arrive, depart', 2006, polyptych, direct rho prints on tinplate, 185 x 55 cm each

arrive, depart.

exploring accelerated mobility

G. Roland Biermann » Peter M. Cook »

Exhibition: – 17 Dec 2006

The Nunnery

181-183 Bow Road
E3 London

+44 (0)20-89839737


Tue-Sun 10-17

arrive, depart exploring accelerated mobility 'In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed' Ralph Waldo Emerson, On Prudence arrive, depart is an international group exhibition featuring artists from the U.K., the U.S., Germany and Japan exploring 'accelerated mobility', the phenomenon that more and more people in the global village seem to be constantly on the move. Featuring Colin Ardley, G. Roland Biermann, Peter M. Cook, Alan Graham Dick, Phillip Neil Martin and Sean-Michael Robinson. Curated by G. Roland Biermann. Photography, video, sound installation, sculpture and painting.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with texts by Zygmunt Bauman and Ann Donnelly.

Supported by: Bow Arts Trust, Rasselstein ThyssenKrupp, Heinendruck, Emmerich.

arrive, depart.
Tokyo Nights, (Video Still), Peter M. Cook