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O.C.P. - Outside Context Problem
Li Wei
The Life is aloft it one 2
150 x 150 cm

O.C.P. - Outside Context Problem

curated by Simon Birch

anothermountainman » WING Shya » LI Wei » CANG Xin » & others

Exhibition: 29 Sep – 15 Nov 2006

10 Chancery Lane Gallery Warehouse Annex

10 Chancery Lane, SoHo Central
60 Wing Tai Road Hong Kong

10 Chancery Lane Art Projects

604, 6/F, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1, Chai Wan
Hong Kong



Fri -Sun 11-18

10 CHANCERY LANE GALLERY IS OPENING AN OFF SHOOT IN CHAI WAN TO LAUNCH A NEW ARTSPACE IN HONG KONG SEPT. 29TH 2006 HONG KONG FOR OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER MAGAZINE ISSUES--Katie de Tilly of 10 Chancery Lane Gallery in Central Hong Kong is launching a new art space in Hong Kong. The first of its kind, the 10 Chancery Lane Gallery Annex Warehouse, is a dedicated, New York style, warehouse exhibition space. The venue located in Chai Wan, is 2000 sq ft, with 16ft high ceilings, is a unique addition to the already well established, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery in Central. To launch the space a suitably spectacular group show will start on September 29th through November 15th. Hong Kong's leading artist, Simon Birch, will curate the exhibition of leading regional artists. The 10 Chancery Lane Gallery Annex Warehouse in Chai Wan (2,000 sq. feet) will open on September 29th with a group show curated by artist Simon Birch. There will be 3 simultaneous spaces (2,000 sq. ft + 1,000 sq. ft. + 1,000 sq. ft.) used to hold the exhibition that will include painting, photographs, installation, video and performance by a renowned group of artists. The Chai Wan exhibition is located in Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1, which is turning out to be a budding artist's district of small artists' studios. The 10 Chancery Lane Gallery would like to expand and promote this idea by creating a presence amongst this already existing artist's area. The space will be used as on off shoot and expansion of current gallery shows as well as a off beat and funky space to be given to use by local artists and both local and international curators. An artists-in-residence space will be provided in the same building to invite artist's from abroad to work in Hong Kong. About the Exhibition - O.C.P. ìIt's a great opportunity to curate at a space such as this. To be able to bring together artists in such an impressive gallery is a very exciting thing. I chose artists that could relate to the theme, are strong both conceptually and visually, and that could rise to the challenge the scale of the space presents. The theme for the show is about sudden and unexpected change, change that has a lasting affect on the individual or an entire culture. To me, the theme clearly has relevance to this selection of artists, all are dealing with social, political or personal change. The theme is reflected in the space, which marks a turning point in our local art scene and further to this, the theme also has much resonance in contemporary Asian society.î Simon Birch The title of the show, 'O.C.P.' (Outside Context Problem) is any problem outside a society's experience, with an immediate, ubiquitous and lasting impact upon an entire culture. An OCP is "outside the context" as it is generally not considered until it occurs, and the capacity to actually conceive of or consider the OCP in the first place may not be possible or very limited (ie. one may not have the knowledge or ability to realize that the OCP can arise). An example of OCP is an event where a society does not consider the possibility that a much more advanced society can exist, and then encounters one. Or when an unexpected event happens to drastically change the situation in a given culture.

O.C.P. - Outside Context Problem
Wing Shya
O.C.P. - Outside Context Problem
Stanley Wong/ Anothermountainman
Speechless 1
O.C.P. - Outside Context Problem
Cang Xin
Man and sky as one series