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Histories of the egg

Václav Chochola » Mario Cravo Neto » René Groebli » Ryszard Horowitz » Rudolf Lichtsteiner » Man Ray  » Nadar (Gaspard-Félix Tournachon) »

Exhibition: 1 Apr – 30 May 2003

Mitropoleos 23
54624 Thessaloníki

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

3, Navarchou Votsi str.
54624 Thessaloniki

+30 2310-566716


Tue-Sun 11-19

How is it possible that a creature as ordinary and undistinguished as the chicken can produce something which has exerted such a compelling fascination for mathematicians, philosophers, poets, scientists, architects, painters, sculptors and, of course, photographers? The perfection of form, and the therapeutic properties, of the humble chicken's egg have made it an object of study, research and sheer aesthetic pleasure. Michelle and Michel Auer, the curators of the exhibition Histories of the Egg, to be staged at the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography in April-May 2003, are preparing an aesthetic study of the egg as seen through 107 works by 66 different artists from all the different phases in the history of photography - from the Daguerreotype to the present day - including works by Boucher, V.Bourgois, Coppola, Cravo Neto, Finsler, Groebli, Jahan, Kepes, Laboye, Lichtsteiner, Man Ray, Nadar, Plossu, Reutlinger, Sieff, Souger, Stettner, Sudre, Tress and Tucker.