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Xposeptember 2006 -  Stockholm fotofestival
Fotografins Hus: Susan Meiselas, Nicaragua: Re-Framing History

Xposeptember 2006 - Stockholm fotofestival

Dejan Antonijevic » Sara Appelgren » Jens Assur » Nygards Karin Bengtsson » Matthew Buckingham » Harun Farocki » Alberto Frigo » Ryszard Horowitz » Gerry Johansson » Ilkka Keskinen » Anna Kleberg » Joachim Koester » Hyun-Jin Kwak » Finn Larsen » Liisa Lounila » Susan Meiselas » Anneè Olofsson » Riitta Päiväläinen » Cecilia Parsberg » Julia Peirone » Lisl Ponger » Lars Wallsten » Charlie White » & others

Exhibition: 23 Sep – 22 Oct 2006

Xposeptember - Stockholms fotofestival

Box 15146
10465 Stockholm

+46 8-6435725


Xposeptember - Stockholm Photo Festival 23 September - 22 October 2006 On September the 23rd the fifth edition of Xposeptember – Stockholm Photo Festival will open. 49 actors within the photographic field; institutions and museums, galleries, colleges and artist driven projects participate with a total of 50 exhibitions and 25 seminars, workshops, artist talks and other programmes. The Xposeptember magazine containing editorial text from some 20 writers, among them Marius Babias, Marion von Osten, Trond Lundemo, Charlotte Cotton and Niclas Östlind will be published in connection to the opening. The magazine is published in both Swedish and English and will be available at all venues. The theme for this year's festival is 'Europe' and the festival will open with a two-day-long seminar, which gathers eight international and Swedish speakers. The seminar, taking place at ABF in Stockholm, will focus on questions such as identity, boarders and which roles the visual culture and the photographic image play in the construction of a European identity. Opening seminar 'Europe and the construction of a European identity' 23 - 24 September Stefan Nowotny (Austria) "The Obsession with Identities: European Immunitarianism, Migration and the Question of Citizenship." Sharam Khosravi "Anti-Citizens and National Identity: Irregular immigrants, asylum seekers and European Identity." Dejan Antonijevic (Sweden) "Europe – My private experience." Marion von Osten (Germany) "The research and cultural production of "TRANSIT MIGRATION", focusing on the "MigMap" project – A Virtual Cartography of European Migration Policies." Mikela Lundahl (Sweden) "Europe's colonial shadow. On the necessity of integrating the darker sides of European history, as anti-Semitism and colonialism, with the idea of humanism and modernity in the construction of a European identity." Lisl Ponger (Austria) "Hidden Histories – remapping Mozart. A presentation of a project focusing on hidden positions, facts and structures that normally remain invisible and buried during national anniversary celebrations." John Sundholm (Sweden) "Hotel Mother Tongue or the Non-place of Identity. The problem of cultural identity explored through the multimodal medium of the moving image (a video installation by the Finnish artist Pekka Niskanen)." Marjetica Potrc (Slovenia) "Lost Highway Expedition – exploring the future of Europe from the perspective of the Western Balkan." Moderators: Moa Matthis (Sweden) and Stefan Jonsson (Sweden). Xposeptember is realized with the support from the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, The Culture Administration of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council and is co-produced with Stockholms Stadsmuseum and ABF. The festival's special collaboration partners is this time Rodeo, Hotel Diplomat, Tensta Konsthall and The Multicultural Centre in Botkyrka. The opening seminar is supported by the Austrian embassy. All exhibitions and the rest of the festival programme are presented in more detail on our website www.xposeptember.se

Xposeptember 2006 -  Stockholm fotofestival
Mia Sundberg Galleri: Anneé Olofsson, Island Life – The Mother, 2006
Xposeptember 2006 -  Stockholm fotofestival
Filmform: Andrea Lange, Movements in Sleep, 2005
Xposeptember 2006 -  Stockholm fotofestival
Mångkulturellt centrum: Lisl Ponger, still from Passages, 1996