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The Helsinki School
Janne Lehtinen "Fly" from the serie Sacred bird, 2003 Chromogenic C-print 75 x 100 cm Edition 1/5

The Helsinki School

Miklos Gaál » Ilkka Halso » Maarit Hohteri » Aino Kannisto » Pertti Kekarainen » Janne Lehtinen » Niko Luoma » Riitta Päiväläinen » Jyrki Parantainen » Jorma Puranen » Heli Rekula »

Exhibition: 25 Nov 2005 – 21 Jan 2006

Photology s.r.l.

Via Carducci 12,
96017 Noto

+39 09-31838922


Mon-Fri 11-19

As a group exhibition of young finnish artists "The Helsinki School" is presented by Photology for the first time in Italy. Conceived and curated by Timothy Persons this travelling exhibition has been shown at Helsinki Finnish Museum of Photography, Stockholm Kulturhuset and Berlin Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, joined with a Hatje-Cantz catalogue. This exhibition preview features 22 works by the 11 finnish artists, displayed among the shop, the print-room and the courtyard gallery spaces. By definition the Helsinki School does not exhist as an institution. It is not defined by a nationality or a specific discipline. It is an approach that has evolved out of a process of teaching where the emphasis is centred on critique, cooperation and the sharing of ideas, where theory meets reality and each generation is given the chance and the time to invent themselves. We can teach how to look, but how we should listen to those eternal debates about what is good enough comes with the experience of asking. To unfold the answers to those questions is to touch upon one’s personal poetry not as a narrative, but the spark that is reflected from within the idea from which the work has come. By learning to ask those difficult questions and unintentional competition arises between what is considered to be good work and how far it can be pushed to become something much better. Creating an environment where these dialogues can be shared, pushed and eventually measured is what we at University of Art and Design Helsinki Finland, have worked so diligently to achieve. Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Esko Maennikkoe, Jan Kaila and Eija- Liisa Ahtila have brought the world’s attention to Finland through the brilliance of their works, we at University through a site specific virtual gallery (TaiK), have taken a selection of our best teachers, post graduated and students to the world via international art fairs, museums and foreign galleries. This professional study program was designed and started by myself in 1995. This book is accompained with a travelling exhibition which beginnns in Sweden and travels throughout Europe. Each venue is updated with the most current works by the selected artists plus an extensive website. Timothy Persons was born in 1954. He has been Senior Lecturer since 1982 and is currently Director of Professional Studies at the University of Art and Design Helsinki

The Helsinki School
Maarit Hohteri "Aino waking up", Paris 2003 colour print su alluminio cm 80 x 100 n.1 da un'edizione di 6
The Helsinki School
Pertti Kekarainen "Tila (Maroon)", 2005 colour print, silicone, plexiglass cm 195 x 134 n. 3 da un'edizione di 5
The Helsinki School
Ilkka Halso "Theatre I" 2003, dalla serie "Museum of Nature" c-print su alluminio cm 100 x 154 n.4 da un'edizione di 6 intitolata e firmata dall'artista