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Double Vision - 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival
Maleonn (Ma Ling)

Double Vision - 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival

Olivo Barbieri » Philip Blenkinsop » Bai Chuan » LU Chunsheng » XING Danwen » Stephen Dupont » WENG Fen » Paul Fusco » Cristina García Rodero » Yves Gellie » WANG Gongxin » Mark Greenberg » LU Guang » ZHENG Guogu » Guillaume Herbaut » ZHUANG Hui » HONG Lei » Qiu Liang » Maleonn (Ma Liang) » Olivia Martin-McGuire » James Nachtwey » WANG Ningde » Eugene Richards » Yao Rui Zhong » Maggie Steber » SONG Tao » Christopher Taylor » Marco van Duyvendijk » CUI Xiuwen » MO Yi » LIU Yiki » BAI Yiluo » YANG Yong » SHI Yong » Fu Yu » Lin Zhipeng - 223 »

Exhibition: – 26 Nov 2005

Lianzhou International Photo Festival


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The 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2005 was brought to life by the Guang Dong Government in order to promote the province as a culturally significant destination. It is intended to shine a light on Lianzhou City its neighboring minority groups and its surrounding ancient villages. It is the first large international photographic festival held in Guang Dong province, with a realization of cooperation between photography art sociology anthropology and urbanization. Based on photography it includes other media art forms such as installation art video design sound and behavior. There are more than 80 exhibits compiled by top- ranking photographers with a strong representation of artists, academics and scholars attending this event. Event Theme "Dual Vision-Lianzhou Beginnings" The Event Theme of the 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival is "Dual Vision" with a sub theme of "Lianzhou Beginnings". The exhibition focuses on photography and contains multi media visual exhibitions. By exploration, dualism can be disclosed in history and culture. Discussions will be held on photography and its impact in/on vision, existence, society, nationality, regional culture and globalization. Artists Olivo Barbieri l Dong Bing Feng l Philip Blenkinsop l Jérôme Blin l Yang Chang Hong l Bai Chuan l Xing Danwen l Stephen Dupont l FanQui l Fen Qiu l Murray Fredericks l Paul Fusco l Gao Hong Zu l Cristina Garcia Rodero l Yves Gellie l Mark Greenberg l Lu Guang l Yu Hai Bo l Zeng Han l Su Han Guang l Guillaume Herbaut l Lei Hong l Xiao Ji l Zhu Jia l Jiang Jun l Jianglun l Li Jie Jun l Wang Jing Chun l Yang Jun Po l Wei Lai l Tony Law l Lora Lei l Li Lang l Lin Zhi Peng l Liu Bo Zhi l Liu Yiki l Lu Chun Sheng l Lu Houmin l Lu Ning l Olivia Martin McGuire l Gao Ming l Sun Ming Jing l Dai Mouyu l James Nachtwey l Na Ying Yu l Wang Ning De l Niu Guo Zheng l Pan Wei l Huang Qin Dai l Qiu Liang l Eugene Richards l Si Tu Zhuan l Yao Songxin l Maggie Steber l Xu Tan l Song Tao l Christopher Taylor l Marco van Duyvendijk l Clotilde Viannay l Gongxin Wang l Wang Xin Wei l Yu Wei Jian l Tan Wei Shan l Cui Xiu Wen l Weng Fen l Weng Ten l Tang Xiao Shuang l Yao Rui Yu l Yao Rui Zhong l Yao Rui Zong l Mo Yi l Bai Yi Luo l Shi Yong l Yang Yong l Fu Yu l Zhang Jian She l Jiang Zhi l Xie Zhi De l Zhuang Hui l Yin Zi Cong.

Double Vision - 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival
Olivia Martin-McGuire
Double Vision - 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival
Qiu Liang
Double Vision - 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival
Liu Yiki