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PAAF 2005 - The 1st Pocheon Asian Art Festival
Kim-Joon We- 2005 Digital print

PAAF 2005 - The 1st Pocheon Asian Art Festival

Kim Chang Kyun » Han Gea-Ryun » Park Hee-bok » David Hull » Young-Hoon Jeong » Kim Ji-Yoon » Kim Ki-Ra » Atta Kim » Kim Joon » Michael Koon Boon » Tsui Kuang-Yu » Kyungwon Moon » Tatsumi Orimoto » Anading Poklong » Wang Qingsong » Noh Seung-bok » Gao Shiqiang » Manit Sriwanichpoom » Supaparinya Sutthirat » ZHANG Xiaogang » Keun-Byung Yuk »

Exhibition: 23 Sep – 23 Oct 2005

Pocheon Banwol Art Hall


82 (5-


Pocheon City is Seoul's neighboring city with a population of approximately 150,000. The city is currently planning diverse public events in order to develop a cultural base for the northern Gyeonggi Region. Various ideas such as the International Sculpture Symposium and the Mt Pye Suk Art Vallery Project are evidence of this effort to activate the culture and arts in this region. The Pocheon Asian Art Festival was founded for the strategic purpose of developing the city into a cultural centre of Gyeonggi Province. The outstanding beauty of Pocheon's nature makes Pocheon a perfect environment for it to become the next city of culture and art. The 'Pocheon Ban Wol Art Hall' in which the art festival will be taking place, has been constructed with the heartfelt desires of art loving Pocheon citizens. The division of Korea between the north and the south is symbolized through the demilitarized zone (DMZ), which brings the Gyeonggi region, including Pocheon, to the attention of the global community. The DMZ lies near Pocheon is a symbol of the black and white experience of Korean modern history. The historical aspects of this city can be artistically portrayed during this festival. The festival theme "Road/Route" is meant to convey the sadness and struggles in life that are part of Korean modern history, especially of the Korean war. The Festival hopefully will assist in the cure of the hurt paved in the hearts of Koreans as a result of this history. This theme can extend its message worldwide and it will also provide a new artistic experience for a peace loving humanity by the creation of each artist's work. Participating nations: More than 70 artists from Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore and Cyprus. Divison Portfolio I: Exhibition (Painting, photography, sculpture, installation, multi-media) Portfolio II: Performance Portfolio III: Single Channel Video Portfolio IV: Film

PAAF 2005 - The 1st Pocheon Asian Art Festival
WANG Qingsong
PAAF 2005 - The 1st Pocheon Asian Art Festival
Atta Kim Museum Project #149 Series of Nirvana 2001 128cm x 152 cm C-Print
PAAF 2005 - The 1st Pocheon Asian Art Festival
Tatsumi Orimoto Boxing Partner, 2003