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Jane Burton, from Vanishing Point, 2003 – 4, Type C photograph, 110 x 110cm.


Jane Burton » Christopher Köller » Darren Sylvester »

Exhibition: 15 Apr – 14 May 2005

Gallery 101

Ground Level 101 Collins Street
VIC 3000 Melbourne

+61 03-96546886

Guest curator - Helen Frajman Loaded brings together three Melbourne artists from quite distinct generations – each with a reputation for creating visually engaging photographs. All three are known for making work which is somewhat enigmatic or elusive and which while representational in nature, is nevertheless open to many readings and multiple narratives. Work that is in fact loaded. For each of the artists the surface appearance of their photographs is paramount. It is here where both the pleasure and the mystery reside. While the images are highly seductive, they are by no means superficial; each artist considers contemporary concerns and ideas – albeit in quite individual ways. In Vanishing Point, Jane Burton presents large colour photographs exploring physical and psychological space. Christopher Köller’s black and white series, Zen Zen Chigau made in Japan in 1984 and re-presented as large digital prints alludes to a variety of sources from Zen Buddhist philosophy and Japanese literature to modern media. Darren Sylvester explores the emotional life of people living in contemporary Western society and considers universal experiences such as love, loneliness and identity in Only You Know Who You Are. Darren Sylvester appears courtesy of William Mora Galleries, Melbourne.