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Photosynkyria 2005 - Wonders and Mysteries
Chara Varsamidou, Esoptra

Photosynkyria 2005 - Wonders and Mysteries

Nabil Boutros » Eleni Ginou » Viktor Koen » Yannis Kontos » Iro Laskari » Eleni Lyra » Abelardo Morell » Stefan Moses » Vik Muniz » Lucia Nimcova » Patrice Félix Tchicaya » Chara Varsamidou » Adamandia Vassili » & others

Exhibition: 21 Feb – 20 Mar 2005

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

3, Navarchou Votsi str.
54624 Thessaloniki

+30 2310-566716


Tue-Sun 11-19

Photosynkyria, the most durable Greek photographic event, is organised for the seventeenth year in a row. Aiming at presenting a new approach regarding the encounter of the photographic lens with reality, this year it is entitled "Wonders and Mysteries." The title signifies the duality of photography, its ability to depict without interpreting and at the same time to reveal a surprising, invisible world. Thessaloniki, welcome Photosynkyria 2005! This year's event comprises five solo and seventeen group exhibitions and the participation of ninety artists from Greece and abroad. The art director of Photosynkyria 2005, Thanassis Moutsopoulos, refers that the event aims to explore the most hidden sides of the art of photography and to encounter the " insubstantial" forces that give life to the material world.

Photosynkyria 2005 - Wonders and Mysteries
Yiannis Kantos . Photo reporter
Photosynkyria 2005 - Wonders and Mysteries
Fata Morgana - Group exhibition - Abelardo Morell
Photosynkyria 2005 - Wonders and Mysteries
Lucia Nimcova: Slovak Women, 2003 - 2004