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FOTOFEST 2006 - The Earth
Harri Kallio, Benares #4, Mauritius, from The Dodo and Mauritius Island, Imaginary Encounters, 2004

FOTOFEST 2006 - The Earth

The Eleventh International Biennial of Photography and Photo-related Art

Heidi Bradner » Dornith Doherty » John Ganis » Jules Greenberg » Barbara Grover » Vadim Gushin » Muriel Hasbun » Masaki Hirano » Nicholas Hughes » Noel Jabbour » Keith Johnson » Harri Kallio » Eric Klemm » Elaine Ling » Mirta Gomez & Eduardo del Valle » Vesselina Nikolaeva » Hyung-Geun Park » Peter Riedlinger » Abby Robinson » Abby Robinson » Mark Ruwedel » Keith Sharpe » Mike + Doug Starn » Martin Stupich » Herman van den Boom » Angilee Wilkerson » David Williams » Barbara Yoshida »

Exhibition: 10 Mar – 23 Apr 2006


2000 Edwards St, Bldg C, Ste 2
TX 77002 Houston



FotoFest is curating and commissioning 20 exhibitions around dual themes: The Earth and Artists Responding to Violence. The Earth continues and expands the FotoFest 2004 exploration of Water, combining conceptual and figurative interpretations of earth through artistic expression, science, and public policy. Artists Responding to Violence is a separate but connected theme to The Earth. Human-created violence, from war to the household, is omni-present and ubiquitous. It is not only threatening the existence of earth but is transforming the nature of political society. In exploring this theme, FotoFest is not focusing on the depiction of violent acts but rather on how creative artists interpret these acts of violence, the human capacity for violence, and the presence of violence in many aspects of life. The Earth The broad theme of Earth is an extension of FotoFest 2004 and the focus on Water. The combination of art, science, and public policy through arts installations and forums is a direction that FotoFest is continuing. In keeping this theme broad, FotoFest is looking at work that relates to Earth both metaphorically and figuratively. It can encompass human and non-human life in a broad existential sense as well as issues of land use and geophysical history. We are looking at Energy as an important part of Earth systems. For FotoFest 2006, we are particularly interested in clearly defined conceptual approaches to this subject. We are also interested in inter-disciplinary work and work that brings together science and art. We are interested in how artists are using photography and photo-related media to define the subject of Earth. Please note, we are NOT giving priority to work whose purpose is to show beautiful landscapes, waterscapes, or lovely pictures of the sky.

FOTOFEST 2006 - The Earth
Martin Stupich, Honeycomb Buttes, northern Red Desert, Sweetwater County,Wyoming [0024],2002
FOTOFEST 2006 - The Earth
Noel Jabbour, Before the Storm, Jerusalem, 2004, from: Segregation Wall
FOTOFEST 2006 - The Earth
Doug & Mike Starn, Structure of Thought 15, 2001-2005 MIS and Lysonic inkjet prints on Thai mulberry, gampi and tissue papers with was, encaustic, varnish, silk, matte medium and wood