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KunstRAI 2005

KunstRAI 2005

Martin Klimas » Arno Nollen » Maarten Wetsema »

Fair: – 16 May 2005

Amsterdam RAI International

Europaplein 8
1078 GZ Amsterdam

KunstRAI Amsterdam

Herengracht 342
1016 CG Amsterdam

+31 (0)20-6264020


The 21st KunstRAI Amsterdam looks highly promising in all respects. Anneke Oele of Amsterdam RAI says, ‘We’re very pleased that the cream of the Dutch galleries specialising in contemporary art have registered to take part and that we have therefore managed to make the range of art on display at the exhibition even better and more complete than last year. After the success of the 2004 edition, in which important galleries such as Paul Andriesse, Fons Welters, Diana Stigter, Van Zoetendaal, Motive Gallery, Upstream and Lumen Travo were present, the exhibition will be strengthened still further this year by galleries such as Annet Gelink, Cokkie Snoei, Bowie/Van Valen and Artspace Witzenhausen. With 15 foreign galleries and the works of even more foreign artists on display, the KunstRAI will show the latest developments in European art. From Belgium there will be not only Nadia Vilenne and Stella Lohaus but also Annie Gentils and In Situ. And the new exhibitors from Germany will be Christa Schuebbe and Michael Cosar. An interesting addition to what is already a top-class exhibition will be the central presentation staged by Buro Leeuwarden, the section of the Fries Museum that specialises in the work of young artists. This presentation by young artists who have had varying degrees of exposure will be original and thought-provoking. The most promising young artist at the KunstRAI will receive the Thieme KunstRAI Prize. The exhibition will also feature many sole presentations, daily tours and a special day for beginner collectors. The KunstRAI will be held in the Parkhal (hall 8) of Amsterdam RAI from Wednesday 11 May to Monday 16 May. 22 solo presentations Twenty-two exhibitors will stage a solo exhibition, including Phoebus (Tineke Bouma), De Expeditie (Harmen Brethouwer), De Praktijk (Bas Meerman), MK Galerie (Frank van der Salm), Maria Chailloux (Jelle Kampen), Kunstruimte Wagemans (Rita Kok), Metis (Tom Heerschop) and Van Zoetendaal (Arno Nollen). The increase in the number of solo presentations is welcomed by the selection committee since they are conducive to the quality of the exhibition and its air of calm. Fred Wagemans (Kunstruimte Wagemans, Beesterzwaag) of the selection committee says, ‘We have managed to build on the foundations we put in place last year. There is a strong field of galleries and there is now even more emphasis on contemporary, surprising art.’ The other members of the selection committee are Jeroen Dijkstra (Livingstone Gallery, The Hague), Emmo Grofsmid (MK Galerie, Rotterdam) and Truus Gubbels (Boekmanstichting). Day for beginner collectors The special day for beginner collectors, which was such a success last year, will be held again. A limited number of beginner collectors will be invited to spend a day at KunstRAI, where they will be accompanied by renowned art collectors whom they can ask for advice on the subject of collecting. Thieme KunstRAI Prize Once again the most promising young artist at KunstRAI will receive a prize, on this occasion the Thieme KunstRAI Prize made available by the Thieme Grafimedia Group. This prize consists of the production of a catalogue of the work of the winning artist and a solo presentation of his or her work at the next KunstRAI. Last year’s winner was Folkert de Jong of the Upstream Gallery, whose work will be presented at a solo stand at this year’s KunstRAI. www.kunstrai.nl All up-to-date information about KunstRAI can be found at www.kunstrai.nl. KunstRAI 2005 is organised by Amsterdam RAI and will be held from Wednesday 11 May to Whit Monday 16 May. On Wednesday 11 May there will be a preview for the press from 2 p.m. onwards and for special guests from 4 p.m. onwards. The exhibition will be open to the public from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Wednesday 11 May. It will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Thursday 12 May to Monday 16 May, except on Friday 13 May when it will close at 10 p.m. The admission charge is € 15 per person and € 10 for the holders of a student cultural pass or a senior citizen’s pass. Admission is free for children under the age of 12, provided they are accompanied. The admission charge from 5 p.m. onwards is € 7.50.

KunstRAI 2005
Marten Wetsema (NL *1966) Jacob 2004 fotografie 40 x 40 cm Galerie Kranendonk
KunstRAI 2005
Arno Nollen (NL *1964) Melanie 2002 inkt op papier 110 x 160 cm Galerie Van Zoetendaal
KunstRAI 2005
Martin Klimas (D *1971) Zonder Titel, 2004 C-print 100 x 130 cm Galerie Michael Cosar