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Lights in France

Guangzhou Photo Biennial 2005

Pierre Bourdis » Xavier Testelin »

Exhibition: – 28 Feb 2005

Guangdong Museum of Art

38 Yanyu Road, Er-sha Island
510105 Guangzhou



Tue-Sun 9-17

Today, the light exceeds its original function of lighting; mastered, carved, the light surprises, calls for contemplation, appeals to our imagination. Masters of these scenographies, the French light designers, for a few years, have developed their creations in France and abroad. The exhibition, which scenography is by itself a light installation, shows the urban landscape new night identity and the modernity of its scenography. This work, on the world of the light, is a photographic trip in Metropolitan France, retranscribed in fixed images or slide shows: here, footbridge, quays, landscaped banks, buildings, warehouses, medieval streets, further, axes of circulation, factories, further still or higher even, the airy level (stained glasses of the cathedrals, arches, towers...). The project is to demonstrate the embellishment of the urban environment through the light.