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Eyal Ben-Dov » Roi Kuper » Gilad Ophir » Guy Raz »

Exhibition: – 28 Feb 2005

Guangdong Museum of Art

38 Yanyu Road, Er-sha Island
510105 Guangzhou



Tue-Sun 9-17

Israel is a cross-over of most different identities and cultures, a meeting of Orient and Occident, East and West, Traditions and Modernity as well as of ethnic groups of different origins. A multi-cultural society with fragmental identities, facing at present new challenges and questions.- The context of Western Time-Eastern Time: How does the dimensions of Time appear in photography in relation to eastern and western ways of Israeli urbanity, which in itself contains different cultural perceptions? There are jewish,arabic and christian cities, each with a different character and emphasizing on the Time as a religious element.- There are old cities, oriented to the East, there are new cities, oriented to the West and cities with both orientations, simultaneously. Tel-Aviv, also called the "white city" (Bauhaus) is faced to the sea, i.e. to the west and wants to be part of Europe. Jerusalem,constructed with local stones, is faced to the desert, i.e. to the East. The eastern part of Jerusalem is called the Old City and represents the religious time, spirituality fantasy.