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Instability - New directions in Swedish Photography

Sofia Änghede » Dejan Antonijevic » Dejan Antonjevic » Lotta Antonsson » Miriam Bäckström » Nina Bacos » Helena Blomqvist » Estella Burga » Leif Claesson » Katarina Elvén » JH Engström » August Eriksson » Johan Fowelin » Jenny Gaulitz » Maria Hedlund » Jenny Källman » Annica Karlsson Rixon » Anna Kleberg » Anders Krisár » Carina Lindh » Petter Magnússon » Maria Miesenberger » Tova Mozard » Martin Nordström » Mikael Olsson » Stefan Otto » Martin Palm » Julia Peirone » Martin Sjoeberg » Lars Tunbjörk » Annika Elisabeth von Hausswolff » Hendrik Zeitler » Pernilla Zetterman »

Exhibition: 11 Sep 2004 – 9 Jan 2005


Sergels torg
103 27 Stockholm

+46 8-50831508


Tue-Fri 11-19 . Sat, Sun 11-17

"Instable" presents a survey of contemporary Swedish photography from the late 1990s to the present. Several of the photographers in the exhibition are well known internationally, such as Miriam Bäckström, JH Engström, Annika von Hausswolff, Annica Karlsson Rixon, Maria Miesenberger och Lars Tunbjörk. Most others have debuted in recent years: Dejan Antonijevic, Helena Blomqvist, Jenny Källman och Pernilla Zetterman. Swedish photography has changed dramatically during the past ten years. In parallel with radical societal changes, where internationalisation and global flows have eliminated modernistic systems, photography has found new contexts and themes. Instable is witness to a new dynamic within the field of art, in which photography now plays a vital role, both as catalyst and as interpreter. "Instable" will stimulate discussion. The exhibition contains photography that is rich and daring in its portrayal of a Sweden that is changing at a furious pace. The tourism industry, the new economy, international interchange and fast technology have risen to compete with the idyllic Swedish landscape. The goal of the exhibition is to stimulate a dialogue about photography, photographic practices and about what the image mirrors, dissects and debates. Visitors will meet challenging new interpretations of traditional genres, such as portrait photography, in which the objects of the portraits are barely visible in the photographs.