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Fly Utopia . transmediale 04
transmediale.04 - video selection vol. I Orange Factory - Seoungho Cho

Fly Utopia . transmediale 04

Yael Bartana » Robert Cahen » Seoungho Cho » Anouk De Clercq » Harun Farocki » Frank Westermeyer & Sylvie Boisseau » Christoph Girardet » Niklas Goldbach » Jean François Guiton » Shilpa Gupta » ZHOU Hongxiang » Bjørn Melhus » OVNI - Observatori de Video No Identificat » Patrick Palucki » Tania Ruiz » Volker Schreiner » Guli Silberstein » The Otolith Group (Kodwo Eshun, Anjalika Sagar) » LIU Wei (*1965) » & others

Exhibition: – 4 Feb 2004


Klosterstr. 68
10179 Berlin

+49 (0)30-24749761


Fly Utopia . transmediale 04
"The red flag flies" Zhou Hongxiang (cn)

transmediale is the biggest festival for art and the creative use of digital media in Germany. The theme of transmediale.04 is Fly Utopia! In contrast, the transmediale award competition is an independent element of the festival, so that submissions to the competition can relate to the festival theme, but they don't have to. Likewise, it is possible to send in concepts, project proposals and materials about the theme, independent of the competition. Dreams and illusions have been abandoned by our present society only on the surface. Rather, after the collapse of the 20th cenutry’s grand ideologies there is once again an increasing search for concepts that point beyond the restrictions of the factual and that offer visions of the old and the new potentials of creative action. In this context, digital media, and technology in general, maintain their ambivalent image as objects of utopian hope and as signs of an impending apocalypse.

Fly Utopia . transmediale 04
transmediale.04 - video selection vol. I Schizophrenic State - Guli Silberstein
Fly Utopia . transmediale 04
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