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Colour palette of the time
By the pond in Reykjavík, 10 April 1956. - © Adolf Karlsson

Colour palette of the time

Colour photography in Iceland 1950-1970

Sigurður Demetz Franzson » Helga Fietz » Adolf Karlsson » Ingibjörg Ólafsdóttir » Hannes Pálsson » Böðvar Pétursson » Hermann Schlenker »

Exhibition: 3 Jun – 10 Sep 2023

Sat 3 Jun 15:00

Reykjavik Museum of Photography

Tryggvagata 15
101 Reykjavik

+354 5-631790


Mon-Thu 10-18, Fri 11-18, Sat, Sun 13-17

Although the first colour photographs taken in Iceland, as far as we know, were taken in 1901, it wasn't until the mid-20th century that colour photography caught on. The black-and-white world that can be seen in pictures until that time is an illusion. Life was undoubtedly in colour, the clothes colourful, the cars turquoise, burgundy, even yellow, red or green roofs – the sky all kinds of blue! The colour palette of the time is ever-changing, shaped by fashion, technology, memories and zeitgeist, even by the medium itself. 

The exhibition includes new enlargements from original colour films and colour slides mixed with original copies. The photos belong to the museum's collection and are taken by Icelandic and foreign photographers. Among them are: Hermann Schlenker, Ingibjörg Ólafsdóttir, Helga Fietz, Sigurður Demetz Franzson, Hannes Pálsson, Adolf Karlsson and Böðvar Pétursson.