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Allure and Americana: A Collector's Eye
Hugh Holland
The Concrete Swell, Viper Bowl, Hollywood, CA, 1976
30 x 40 in. (76.2 x 101.6 cm.)
Est. 8,000—12,000 USD

Allure and Americana: A Collector's Eye


Chuck Close » Elliott Erwitt » Ernst Haas » Hugh Holland » Horst P. Horst » Mona Kuhn » Dorothea Lange » Helen Levitt » O. Winston Link » Steve McCurry » Joel Meyerowitz » Vik Muniz » Terry O'Neill » Willy Ronis » Joel Sternfeld » Ruud van Empel » Albert Watson »

Auction: 10 Nov – 17 Nov 2022

Thu 17 Nov

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Allure and Americana: A Collector's Eye
Ruud van Empel
World #37, 2017
33.1 x 46.4 in. (84.07 x 117.86 cm.)
Est. 30,000—50,000 USD

An exclusive sale of signature photographs from a private Chicago collection.


Allure & Americana: A Collector’s Eye presents intimate works from a single collection that capture the fragility of youth, from carefree abandon to moments of lost innocence, as well as more mature images of feminine allure. Alongside this are images that celebrate America, from historic moments to cityscapes to celebrity culture.

Artnet Auctions presents ‘Allure and Americana: A Collector’s Eye‘ this week, a diverse and extraordinary collection of 20th- and 21st-century photographs. Including historically significant works like Edward Weston’s Nude on Sand, Oceano (1936) plus contemporary highlights like Sunflowers, after Vincent Van Gogh (2004) by Vik Muniz, the range of photographers, subject matter, and time periods add up to the idiosyncratic eye of the singular collector J.P. Loup. Based in Chicago, Loup has spent a lifetime involved with art and antiques, and as a dealer sold works ranging from 19th-century Impressionists to contemporary paintings by emerging artists. The works included in ‘Allure and Americana’ represent Loup’s only foray into the realm of photography, and as such illustrate his very personal and distinct aesthetic inclinations.

Originally from France and the progeny of a successful French shoe retailer, Loup immigrated to Chicago in 1965 with little more than a few traveler’s checks and a training visa to work for Florsheim shoes. Speaking very little English, Loup began his career at Florsheim doing menial tasks—acting as a porter, cleaning the floor, returning shoes to the stockroom. He also began reselling small antiques on the weekends to help make ends meet, and eventually became so successful that, at his peak, he was one of the biggest advertisers in the art world—the only person who had a center spread in the Wall Street Journal and up to eight pages in National Geographic.

Allure and Americana: A Collector's Eye
Chuck Close
Kate Moss, 2005
20 x 16 in. (50.8 x 40.64 cm.)
Est. 8,000—12,000 USD
Allure and Americana: A Collector's Eye
Albert Watson
Kate Moss, Marrakech (Frontal Nude III), 1993
53 x 41.5 in. (134.62 x 105.41 cm.)
Est. 25,000—35,000 USD
Allure and Americana: A Collector's Eye
Joseph Szabo
Priscilla, 1969
11 x 14 in. (27.94 x 35.56 cm.)
Est. 8,000—12,000 USD
Allure and Americana: A Collector's Eye
Elliott Erwitt
California Kiss, 1955
30 x 40 in. (76.2 x 101.6 cm.)
Est. 8,000—12,000 USD
Allure and Americana: A Collector's Eye
Dorothea Lange
Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California, 1936
10 x 8 in. (25.4 x 20.32 cm.)
Est. 5,000—8,000 USD