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Paris Photo 2022
Pidder Auberger: Muscheltondo, 1990, photogram and negative collage, variation of two, gelatin silver print, images Ø 101 cm, sheet Ø 125 cm

Paris Photo 2022

Main Sector A26

Pidder Auberger » Timm Rautert »

Fair Presentation: – 13 Nov 2022

Wed 9 Nov

Grand Palais Ephémère

Champ-de-Mars, Place Joffre
75008 Paris

Parrotta Contemporary Art

Brüsseler Str. 21
50674 Köln

+49 (0)221-92355901


Tue-Fri 11-18 . Sat 11-16 +

Paris Photo 2022
Timm Rautert: New York - Arrow, 1969, photo-collage, 4 x gelatin silver prints, image / sheet size, each 30 x 30 cm, framed 81 x 81 cm, vintages, unique

Parrotta Contemporary Art is going to present a selection of works from two specific photographic series from each artist: "Tondi" by Pidder Auberger and "The Second View" by Timm Rautert. Both series are linked by the idea of collage and montage. Rautert is questioning photography by reengaging with the negatives of his own iconic photos. He creates new, highly condensed, unique diptychs. Auberger's experiments with the combination of his negatives and woodcuts resulted in images that are highly related to abstract paintings in shape and composition. Both artists were friends. This year is the tenth anniversary of Auberger's death.

Pidder Auberger (1946-2012) was an author, woodcutter and photographer. In his studio, he preferred to experiment with different media and materials with which he created new images that do not make it easy for the viewer to decipher the production processes. Exposure montages are represented and superimpositions of drawing, woodcut and photography. With his works that transcend conventions, Pidder Auberger has found a graphic-photographic oeuvre of its own form and language. The tondi, reminiscent of reagents, do not only refer to its poetic-alchemical spirit by chance.

Timm Rautert (* 1941) is considered one of the most outstanding contemporary German photographers. Over the decades, he has not only been able to anticipate the most important trends in photography, but also to have a decisive influence on them - as a photo journalist, as a chronicler of the changing world of work and finally as a university professor who influenced subsequent generations.