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Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Marinella Senatore
Bodies in Alliance / Politics of the street IV, 2019
ADN Galeria, B17

Elles x Paris Photo 2022

A circuit dedicated to women photographers

Nazli Abbaspour » Marina Abramović » Laure Albin-Guillot » Kathleen Alisch » Helena Almeida » Diane Arbus » Letizia Battaglia » Erica Baum » Judith Black » Margaret Bourke-White » Nathalie Boutté » Johanna Calle » Sophie Calle » Hannah Collins » Imogen Cunningham » Milagros de la Torre » Nona Faustine » Jill Freedman » Marina Gadonneix » Kata Geibl » Camille Gharbi » Nan Goldin » Candida Höfer » Julie Hascoët » Susan Hiller » Anaïs Horn » Graciela Iturbide » Bertha E. Jaques » Miho Kajioka » Simone Kappeler » Nina Katchadourian » Rinko Kawauchi » Zeynep Kayan » Minna Keene » Tarrah Krajnak » Justine Kurland » Patricia Lagarde » Ergy Landau » Gabby Laurent » Milja Laurila » Jung-Jin Lee » Adriana Lestido » Carla Liesching » Dóra Maurer » Elaine Mayes » Tina Modotti » Marge Monko » Anne Morgenstern » Zanele Muholi » Sophal Neak » Nelli Palomäki » Gemma Pepper » Joanna Piotrowska  » Mimi Plumb » Anne Rearick » Wendy Red Star » Nancy Rexroth » Evelyn Richter » Silvia Rosi » Lise Sarfati » Marinella Senatore » Senta Simond » Ming Smith » Stéphanie Solinas » Gabriele Stötzer » Cami Stone » Moe Suzuki » Stephanie Syjuco » Elke Tangeten » Doris Ulmann » Elo Vega » Carrie Mae Weems » Donata Wenders » Chen Xiaoyi » Wei Zihan » & others

Fair: 10 Nov – 13 Dec 2022

Paris Photo - Grand Palais Ephémère

Champ-de-Mars, Place Joffre
75007 Paris

Paris Photo

Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris



Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Elo Vega, FILO ROSSO 3
Series: Filo Rosso, 2021

To survive the contemporary art jungle, I try to imbue my curatorial practice with shamanic and liberating strategies. Oftentimes literature is the place where my associations of ideas begin to shape the scaffolding of a project.

For this edition of Elles x Paris Photo, I landed on the territory of the OuLiPo, the legendary Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle, whose members, a mixture of writers and mathematicians, compose works using constrained writing techniques as a means of triggering inspiration. I decided to extend the selection to the book sector, because for a woman it seems easier to publish a book than to be represented by a gallery, which means that there is still work to do in the photography market.

The title Women In Motion reminded me of the importance of legs, as they enable movement through walking. In the old Neapolitan board game La Tombola , inspired by the tradition of La Smorfia (grimace), in which dreams are analyzed and converted into numbers to play in a lotto, the number 77 corresponds to “women’s legs”, as if they should all be long and thin. The number 77 is also associated with none other than the devil in La Smorfia .

I hope, dear visitors, that you will enjoy navigating the fair to discover the 77 artists presented here all together in a purely visual sequence. If possible, keep a vigilant eye and be suspicious of numbers, words and above all images… See you next time in a post-quota society!

Federica Chiocchetti

Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Elke Tangeten
Sans titre, 2019

Federica Chiocchetti is a writer, curator, editor and lecturer specialising in photography and literature, historical and contemporary. Through her platform  Photocaptionist she collaborates with international museums (Jeu de Paume, V&A, Kunsthalle Budapest), private collections (David Solo, Archive of Modern Conflict) festivals and fairs (Jaipur Photo, T3 Tokyo Photo Festival, Paris Photo), publishers (Spector Books, Aperture, Foam), bookstores (La Fabrica, Shakespeare and Company) and universities (University of Oxford, ECAL), among others. She holds a PhD in ‘Photo-Texts’, from London’s University of Westminster, which she is transforming into a touring exhibition, book and educational project, the Word and Image Workshop. She has won a number of residencies (Fondation Michalski, Cité internationale des arts), awards (Kraszna-Krausz Best Photography Book, Vienna Photo Book Dummy) and in 2016 she was included among the ‘ 16 female curators shaking things up’ by Artnet. Her research on women in photography was presented in multiple forms by L’Uomo Vogue, Fotomuseum Winterthur, 10x10 Photobooks, London Art Fair and The Photographers’ Gallery

Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Marge Monko
Hestia Gallery
Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Anne Rearick, Sisters, 1998
Clémentine de la Ferronnière, C32
Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Nona Faustine, White Shoes, 2021
Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Nina Katchadourian, Plant #7, 2022
Catharine Clark Gallery, B31
Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Minna Keene Untitled, Cape Town, South Africa, circa 1908
Stephen Bulger Gallery F11
Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Sophal Neak, Hang On #10, 2013
Les Douches la Galerie, F08
Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Elaine Mayes
Couple with Child, Golden Gate Park, August 1968
Damiani, SE14
Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Ergy Landau
Marché aux oiseaux, quai de la Mégisserie, Paris, 1948
Éditions le Bec en l’air, SE6
Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Judith Black, My sister and new baby, Seattle WA March 1986. From Vacation,
Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Milagros de la Torre, Under the Black Sun, 1991-1993
Toluca, D22
Elles x Paris Photo 2022
Nancy Rexroth, A Woman's Bed, Logan, Ohio, 1970
Peter Fetterman Gallery, E7