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photo basel 2022
Lars Van den Brink
Oeschinensee, Swiss Alpes from the eries Behind the Day
105 x 140 cm / 135 x 180 cm

photo basel 2022

Margriet Smulders » Lars van den Brink »

Fair: – 19 Jun 2022

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photo basel 2022
Margriet Smulders
Nartificilia from the series Rococco
80 x 110 cm / 120 x 165 cm

For the series Behind the day Lars Van den Brink (*1977) travelled for more than two years through the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. He slept in mountain huts or in a tent, and often photographed from the exact same location for about fourteen hours. During those sessions he saw the moon and stars give way to the sun, and the change in colour of the light and the landscape. The end result is a filtering and compression of compounded time; images that refer to classical romantic painting, but also to the contemporary landscapes used in games. By letting go of the unity of time and combining different shots, he distances himself from the analytical nature of photography and is able to create images that go beyond mere registration. In my latest work 'Behind the day' I use the possibilities contemporary technology offers to lift the unity of time. And thus I play with one of the classic characteristic of photography. Day and night, hours and minutes, they all become fluid within my work. The still lives by Margriet Smulders (*1955) are characterized by a sumptuous visual language. She finds inspiration in the Dutch paintings of the seventeenth century, in the painters of the Flemish Baroque, in eighteenth-century Italian and German ceiling paintings, in Greek mythology, in literature, poetry, contemporary society and in herself. Her photos are close to the tradition of the Dutch still life because of her dedication to material expression and her use of symbolism. In addition, her work refers to the colorful and limitless Baroque and Rococo ceiling paintings. "I want to lure you in my secret garden to ask you to lose yourself and forget everything. To choose for Eros as the life force that overcomes all degradation and despair."

photo basel 2022
Margriet Smulders
Aturalia from the series Rococco
80 x 110 cm / 120 x 165 cm