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photo basel 2022
Zak van Biljon
Matterhorn II, Wallis, 2021
Archival Print – Cotton Rag

photo basel 2022

Patrik Fuchs » Anna Lehmann-Brauns » Kostas Maros » Sandro Livio Straube » Zak van Biljon »

Fair: – 19 Jun 2022

Mon 13 Jun 18:00

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4058 Basel

Galerie 94

Bruggerstr. 37
5400 Baden

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Wed-Fri 17-19, Sat 13-17

photo basel 2022
Patrik Fuchs
Ghost Song, 2022
Inkjet on Innova smooth cotton natural white
38 cm x 28 cm / 125 cm x 95 cm

The land of red earth is the home of Zak van Biljon. Born in South Africa in 1981, the photographer spent his childhood and youth between Johannesburg and Cape Town. In 2003, he graduated top of his class from the National College of Photography in Pretoria. Ironically, he graduated with a degree in black and white prints - when he was influenced by the colors of the Rainbow Nation. In 2004, he moved to Europe. His main focus is on the staged use of light. In his latest art project he deals with infrared photography. The world seen in shades of red and pink offers a new and impressive insight into reality as we know it. Patrik Fuchs is a photographic collector. Fascinated by the visual commons of our living worlds, by the trust towards the familiar. He traces the everyday, at home in Switzerland or on extended journeys across the continent. In the "ordinary" Fuchs searches for the typical, the aesthetic peculiarities, the beauty and the breaks. He encounters the supposedly banal in an unbiased manner; benevolent but incorruptible and direct. He works with the relationship between figure and function, between space and atmosphere, without allowing himself to be irritated by the presumable modesty of his objects. His photographs are serious but with a fine sense of the playful, the oblique. He is not a purist, but a lover of the simple and the invisible. Sandro Livio Straube, born 1992 in Zurich, is an architect and photographer. Over a period of more than four years he photographed in the Val Lumnezia for the series "Mountains bleach". The limitation to an analog medium format camera and a fixed focal length, as well as the strict geographical perimeter, led to a sought-after narrowness and thus to a more intense perception. The photographs show what would otherwise soon disappear. As a silent observer, he dares to look reality in the eye for a fraction of a second- the moment of taking the picture.

photo basel 2022
Sandro Livio Straube
Familie, 2021
Archival pigment ink on Hahnemühle Fineart Baryta Satin