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Photo London 2022
Ingo Arndt
Lesser Flamingos, Kenya

Photo London 2022

Ingo Arndt » Francesco Bosso » Marie Cécile Thijs »

Fair: – 15 May 2022

Wed 11 May

Somerset House

The Strand
WC2R 1LA London

SmithDavidson Gallery

Prinsengracht 570
1017 KR Amsterdam

+31 20-626 59 45


Wed-Sat 10-18

Photo London 2022
Marie Cecile Thijs
Origin Sphere, 2022

SmithDavidson Gallery exhibits a dynamic range of leading modern and contemporary art in various mediums. The gallery’s mission is to acquire and present the work of significant artists in different disciplines, whose work has either defined or is expanding the parameters of the visual arts. The Gallery, founded more than 50 years ago in The Netherlands, is internationally known today for its collections of Modern, Contemporary and Australian Aboriginal Art.

For Photo London 2022, the gallery is presenting new work by three international artists: Francesco Bosso, Ingo Arndt and Marie Cecile Thijs.

Nature has been a well-know subject in photography since Ansel Adams in the early Twentieth Century; in the recent works by Francesco Bosso the monumental style of Adams resonates, celebrating the beauty of nature but Bosso also warns about the stress we as humans put on the environment. The monumental centuries old Olive trees of Southern Italy, pictured by Bosso, are dying because of changes in the climate and the way the land is being used; and imposing icebergs are presented as magnificent floating sculptures, but simultaneously they are a symbol of the rising temperatures in the Arctic.

Ingo Arndt is a celebrated nature photographer, working for Natural Geographic, GEO and other magazines, for more than 30 years.. With over 20 publications in different languages and many museum exhibitions his fascination for and knowledge of the natural world is clear. Arndt researches both the building processes of animals and also the way single animals coordinate together and function as new multi-organisms, just like the sparrows moving fluidly in the sky creating cloud like shapes.

For her latest series Marie Cecile Thijs creates a parallel dream world in which humans are no longer present, but have left their mark to create a new landscape of new and mesmerising symbioses, just like we are presented with a Margaret Atwood novel. For Marie Cecile this new world is filled with new possibilities and challenges. Her latest works have become more abstract and Thijs has, for the first time, used moving images for her Green Scenes; a premiere to Photo London 2022.

Photo London 2022
Francesco Bosso (Italian)
Big Roots, Puglia, Italy, 2021