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Looking Forward
Cig Harvey
The Red Wall, 2021
archival digital pigment print Signed, titled, dated, and numbered
© the artist, Courtesy of Robert Klein Gallery.
16 x 20 edition of 10 $3,000
30 x 40 edition of 5 $7,000

Looking Forward

Jessica Backhaus » Julie Blackmon » Gohar Dashti » Han Feng » Cig Harvey » Bill Jacobson » Rania Matar » Jeffrey Milstein » Arne Svenson » Paulette Tavormina » Alex Webb » Rebecca Norris Webb »

Exhibition: 3 Jan – 31 Mar 2022

Robert Klein Gallery

38 Newbury Street
MA 02116 Boston



Wed-Thur 12-6pm and b.a.

Looking Forward
Jessica Backhaus
Cutout 1, 2021
archival digital pigment print
signed, titled, numbered, and dated
© the artist, Courtesy of Robert Klein Gallery.
40 x 60 cm edition of 2 $3,960 (3,500 Euro)
70 x 112.5 cm edition of 3 $6,800 (6,000 Euro)

Robert Klein Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of gallery artists looking ahead in photography and into the coming year of artworks we will share in the gallery. In “Looking Forward”, we are bringing together 12 contemporary photographers who are pushing the boundaries of photography. From artists experimenting with abstraction to those iterating on centuries-long traditions, these artists are contributing to the future of the medium.

For German photographer Jessica Backhaus, “colors are emotions.” In her “Cut Outs” series, Backhaus lets vibrantly-colored geometric cutouts of transparent paper react to the heat of intense sunlight over a period of time. She then photographs the results, documenting the ways in which the paper reacts and shadows appear and morph, relinquishing control of the final outcome.

Julie Blackmon and Paulette Tavormina are both looking backward to reimagine art historical tropes as photographs. Tavormina composes lush, vibrant still lifes reminiscent of the Dutch masters of the 17th and 18th centuries. Filled with supple fruit, buzzing insects, and subtle reminders of death and mortality, she plays on the photorealistic nature of Dutch still lifes by literally capturing the familiar images in photo.

Looking Forward
Julie Blackmon
Smoke, 2021
archival digital pigment print
© the artist, Courtesy of Robert Klein Gallery.
26" x 33" edition 7 $4,000-$8,000
35.75" x 46" edition 7 $6,500-$9,500
44" x 57" edition 7 $9,000-$15,000

Blackmon looks to a similar time period in the history of art, but focuses on a different subject. Inspired by Dutch and Flemish tavern scenes from the 17th century, she focuses on the people and places in her small community in Missouri. Smoke (2021) appears carefully and intentionally composed, but the scene itself is organic: “It’s a fun perspective to have…to see the world around you as a potential story or idea,” she says.

In addition to Backhaus, Blackmon, and Tavormina, “Looking Forward” includes recent works by Arne Svenson, Cig Harvey, Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb, Han Feng, Jeffrey Milstein, Bill Jacobson, Rania Matar, and Gohar Dashti.

Looking Forward
Alex Webb
Lieutenant Island IV , 2021
Fuji Crystal Archive print
© the artist, Courtesy of Robert Klein Gallery.
24.5 x 60 inches (canvas size) edition of 7 $8000
image is 56 inches across with 2 inches of white border all around
37 x 90 inches (canvas size) edition of 5 $15,000
image is 84 inches across with 3 inches of white border all around
Looking Forward
Rebecca Norris Webb
Blue Glass, 2021
Fuji Crystal Archive print
© the artist, Courtesy of Robert Klein Gallery.
20x24 inch prints Edition of 15 $1500 Canvas size: 20 x 24 inches
20x30 inch prints Edition of 10 $2500 Canvas size: 24.5 x 34 inches
30x40 inch prints Edition of 7 $4000 Canvas size: 32 x 44.5 inches
Looking Forward
Han Feng, The Gift No 21, 2020
© the artist, Courtesy of Robert Klein Gallery.
36 x 48 edition of 20