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Reframing History/12 chapters
Akinola Davies Jr / Nuuksio Films "Black To Life, 2019"

Reframing History/12 chapters

Photo VOGUE Festival 2021

Stacey Gillian Abe » Campbell Addy » Kennedi Carter » Akinola Davies Jr » Omar Victor Diop » Namsa Leuba » Daniel Obasi » Lakin Ogunbanwo » Ashley Peña » Mary Sibande » Trevor Stuurman » David Uzochukwu »

Exhibition: 18 Nov – 21 Nov 2021

BASE Milano

via bergognone 34
20144 Milano

+39 02-


Tue 11-22, Wed-Fri 11-20, Sat 11-22

Reframing History/12 chapters
Ashley Peña, "Heaven Sent, New York 2019" from the series "Black Angel"

Photo Vogue Festival 2021 • Reframing History Reframing History/12 chapters

The 12 artists on show in this section of the exhibition were selected by members of the jury and Vogue Italia's photographic department

Akinola Davies Jr | Ashley Peña | Campbell Addy | Daniel Obasi | David Uzochukwu | Kennedi Carter | Lakin Ogunbanwo | Mary Sibande | Namsa Leuba | Omar Victor Diop | Stacey Gillian Abe | Trevor Stuurman

Curated by Vogue Italia’s photo department and the festival jury, the exhibition explores and expands on the take of Black creators on the concept of Reframing History. From alternative and counter- history to a radical reinvention and critique of Western art canons and mythologies, these artists shift the spotlight onto territories that have been left in the shadow for too long, carving a luminous path that is now influencing, shaping, and subverting the contemporary photography panorama worldwide.

Reframing History/12 chapters
Campbell Addy, "Untitled, 2020"


BASE Milano - Via Bergognone, 34, Milano - 18-21 November 2021

Digital Platform photovoguefestival.vogue.it – online from 18 November 2021


The sixth edition of The Photo Vogue Festival, the first conscious fashion photography festival dedicated to the common ground between ethics and aesthetics, is back in Milan and it will be both physical and digital.

Between November 18 and 21, 2021, the event will unfold through exhibitions, talks, portfolio reviews both on the territory and within the new digital platform, and satellite events all around the city of Milano.

The photographic exhibitions will revolve around the theme "Reframing History": an exploration of projects that aim to present an alternative view, reinventing neglected historical figures or questioning stereotyped narratives.

As every edition, the Festival will be a unique opportunity for those interested in photography, fashion and art to come into contact with a showcase of innovative photography and industry leaders, from curators to practitioners.

Reframing History/12 chapters
Daniel Obasi, "Corridors of Power"
Reframing History/12 chapters
David Uzochukwu, "Shrine" from the series "Mare Monstrum / Drown In My Magic"
Reframing History/12 chapters
Lakin Ogunbanwo, "Untitled IV" from the series "In e wá wo mi"
Reframing History/12 chapters
Stacey Gillian Abe, "Seat of honor 3, 2017", Performance still
Reframing History/12 chapters
Trevor Stuurman, “ROYAL HIER-ITAGE. A BEAUTIFULRHAPSODY", Muse Kuoth Wiel in