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Paris Photo 2021
Timm Rautert
Nr. 2, 1969
negative collage, color photography on Baryt paper, mounted on board
65 x 55 cm, image 55,5 x 48,1 cm, framed 85 × 70 cm

Paris Photo 2021

Pieter Laurens Mol » Timm Rautert » Clare Strand »

Fair Presentation: – 14 Nov 2021

Wed 10 Nov

Grand Palais Ephémère - Booth A26

Champ-de-Mars, Place Joffre
75008 Paris

Parrotta Contemporary Art

Brüsseler Str. 21
50674 Köln

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Paris Photo 2021
Pieter Laurens Mol
Vera Histora, 1979
8 color photographs on cardboard and 1 letterpress text on gray ingress paper
9 artist frames, 51,4 × 41 cm each

As Pieter Laurens Mol (* 1946, Breda) states, art is about the quest to find pictures for an "extreme existence". His "artistic life" represents such an existence, one which he invites the viewer to share, although the artist’s life is nothing but an image of man's "creative life" per se. This creative life is based on physical (or other, higher) principles, which his works explore and poeticise. Next year the Stedelijk Museum Breda will dedicate the artist a major retrospective.

Timm Rautert (* 1941 Tuchel, West Prussia) is considered one of the most outstanding contemporary German photographer. Over the decades, he has not only been able to anticipate the most important trends in photography, but also to have a decisive influence on them - as a studio photographer for galleries, as a photo journalist, as a chronicler of the changing world of work and finally as a university professor who influenced subsequent generations. This year the Folkwang Museum, Essen, dedicated the artist a major retrospective.

Clare Strand (*1973 Brighton) is British artist, working with and against the photographic medium. Over the past two decades she has worked with found imagery, kinetic machinery, web programmes, fairground attractions and most recently, large scale paintings. She often rejects the subject-based qualities and the immediate demand of information, so often associated with the photographic image and instead, and without apology, adopt and welcome a subtle, slow burn approach. Works by Clare Strand are currently shown in "Masculinities: Liberation Through Photography", FOMU Antwerp; "The Edge of Time" Leuven University Library, Belgium; "Constellations: Photographs in Dialogue" MoMA San Francisco and Power and Paper, Atelier NOUA, Bodo, Norway.

Paris Photo 2021
Clare Strand
from the series: The Colour of Class (An Illustrative Map of London), 2001–2021
fibre based black and white print with tinted acrylic
24 × 30,5 cm