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Made You Vanish
Made You Vanish © Zoë Ghertner – Chloé

Zoë Ghertner »

Made You Vanish


Fair: – 14 Nov 2021

Paris Photo - Grand Palais Ephémère

Champ-de-Mars, Place Joffre
75007 Paris

Paris Photo

Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris



Made You Vanish
Made You Vanish © Zoë Ghertner – Chloé

For their participation at Paris Photo, Chloé is pleased to present a recent body of photographs made in collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist Zoë Ghertner. Captured over the past year, this selection of images on view reveal Ghertner’s ongoing inquiry into interdependent ecologies and the eternal femme. The works on view edit out the world so that we might encounter it again anew.

Scenes from Mexico, the American West, Hawaii, and the artist’s garden fill each frame. Settings are less diaristic than they are elemental as the natural world spills forth. Time’s passage is marked by constantly reshaping clouds, tendrils of hair, the changing size of our hands, and mushrooms creeping out of the decay. We do not control time, we are enveloped by it.

Within Ghertner’s eternity, femme bodies are normalized. The objectifying gaze to which the fairer sex has so long been subject is suspended. She reframes the conditions under which women reencounter their own image.

Made You Vanish
Made You Vanish © Zoë Ghertner – Chloé