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Lisa Kohl: "SHELTER", Los Angeles, United States, 2019
© Lisa Kohl


Lisa Kohl » Daniel Reuter »

Exhibition: 2 Oct 2021 – 9 Jan 2022


29-33 boulevard Prince Henri
4280 Esch sur Alzette


Thu 11-20, Fri-Sun 11-18

Daniel Reuter: from the "Providencia" series), 2020
© Daniel Reuter

Daniel Reuter & Lisa Kohl

Exhibition: 2 October 2021 – 9 January 2022

Lisa Kohl

Exhibition curator: Danille Igniti

Lisa Kohl’s work speaks of escape, exile, the non-places of life or survival, invisibility and absence. With great daring, she succeeds in linking reality to poetry. Through the poetic aesthetics of images, she invites us to reflect on identity, homelands, crossing borders, futility and hope. In presence and absence, her work touches on contradiction. It’s about changing perspectives: showing the invisible and giving voice. Kohl looks for balance in delay and transition. She proceeds by creating images, experiences that can be shared, tracks to follow. The project "ERRE" is an installation composed of three works. The sound and video installation "Haven" (2021) communicates with two photography series: "Shelter" (2019) and "Passage // 32°32’04.7’’N 117°07’26.3’’W" (2019), presented with backlighting.

Lisa Kohl: "I’m interested in the relationship between art and social reality. Approaching the inconceivable, building tension between reality and its representation are processes at the heart of my artistic practice. PASSAGE pays tribute to a collective suffering and questions the role images play in the reporting of conflicts. In this series, the visible speaks of the invisible and absence reveals presence. The tracks evoke escape, which remains preserved in the form of a trail. SHELTER plays with the boundary between documentation and performative staging. The characters are visible and invisible, protected in their intimacy while being exposed to the others’ gaze. HAVEN speaks to the site of desire, the place of arrivals and departures where welcome and refuge ought to be possible. We face the sea, which brings us the brutal reality, to the incessant drowning of those seeking protection and survival."

"ERRE", the artist’s first publication, accompanies the exhibition and extends the exploration of its themes through various texts and recent works.

Lisa Kohl was born 1988, Luxembourg. She lives and works in Leipzig, Germany, and Luxembourg.

Daniel Reuter: Installation view "Providencia"

Danliel Reuter

Exhibition curator: : Michèle Walerich

Providencia—providence—in its biblical meaning, describes God’s intervention in the universe, beyond human control. The Providencia neighborhood of Santiago de Chile provides both the setting and the title for this new series by Daniel Reuter. His work explores the signs of a recently exposed divergence, starting from a visually prosaic urbanity: architectural details, makeshift structures, trees, foliage, and construction site hoardings that obstruct the view. In the aftermath of civil protests, we encounter subjects confined within the complexities of their own existence. Resonating with his research on identity and memory, Reuter draws on this charged topography to translate its textures, reflections, and light. Starting in 2016, the artist went on several trips to Chile for Providencia, returning with a dense series of color and black & white photographs, landscapes and portraits. Twelve large-format images enter into dialogue across a hexagonal structure inspired by a modernist kiosk in the Providencia district.

Daniel Reuter: "The installation Providencia is a reflection of my work both in form and in the materials used. The photographs are mounted directly onto the plexiglas inside and outside the structure, creating a visual connection between the images, between reflections of light and transparency. The original idea for the hexagonal shape came from the public kiosks at the Tajamar towers in Providencia, where I held my art residency. One of these kiosks was used as a public art gallery from 2011 to 2018. Galería Tajamar, in its very structure, questioned notions of public and private space."

The book "Providencia", that accompanies the exhibition, provides an immersive exploration of the series, using different types of paper, transparencies, opacities and materialities.

Daniel Reuter was born 1976, Trier, Germany. He lives and works in Reykjavik, Iceland, and Luxembourg.

Lët’z Arles

"Lët’z Arles" supports and promotes photography and luxembourgish artists related to photography. The association offers artists a comprehensive creation and promotion programme each year. Its grant allows the production of an exhibition presented in the associated program of the international photography festival Rencontres d´Arles and its return trip to Luxembourg; the accompaniment of artists by a curator for more than a year and the publication of a book associated with the exhibition. As a major initiative for luxembourgish photography abroad, Lët’z Arles also contributes to promote the productions of Luxembourg photographers in their country.

For the 2021 edition, the artists Daniel Reuter and Lisa Kohl were selected by an international jury, composed of: Paul di Felice, Marta Gili, Danielle Igniti, Steph Meyers, Sam Stourdzé, Michèle Walerich and Christoph Wiesner, chaired by Florence Reckinger-Taddeï.

Exhibitions under the High Patronage of H.R.H. the Hereditary Grand-Duchess.
Association supported by the Luxembourgish Ministry of Culture.

Daniel Reuter: Installation view "Providencia"
Lisa Kohl: Sound and video installation "Haven" (2021) communicates with two photography series: "Shelter" (2019) and "Passage // 32°32’04.7’’N 117°07’26.3’’W"
Lisa Kohl: Sound and video installation "Haven" (2021) communicates with two photography series: "Shelter" (2019) and "Passage // 32°32’04.7’’N 117°07’26.3’’W"
Lisa Kohl Capture d'écran installation vidéo sonore 5min 4K Loop Chapelle de la Charité Arles France 2021