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Tallinn Photomonth 2021

Tallinn Photomonth 2021

Lawrence Abu Hamdan » Gabriele Beveridge » Jasmina Cibic » Tanja Engelberts » Terike Haapoja » Saodat Ismailova » Maryam Jafri » Peeter Maria Laurits » Herkki-Erich Merila » Marge Monko » Kristina Norman » Mika Taanila » & others

Festival: 1 Sep – 17 Oct 2021

Tallinn Photomonth

Peetri 12
10415 Tallinn



Tallinn Photomonth is an artist led biennial of contemporary art and visual culture. Although started in 2011 by a group of artists working primarily with photography and video, the biennial has never been a narrowly media-based event, rather it looks more broadly at developments in art and society in a world mediated by cameras, screens and images.

The fifth Tallinn Photomonth takes place from 6 September to 3 November. Included in the main programme are three international group exhibitions at different art institutions in Tallinn, a film programme and a contemporary art fair.

A satellite programme will run in Tallinn’s public and commercial galleries. The exhibitions are contextualised through a programme of public events and an education programme for schools.