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APPROCHE  Paris 2021

APPROCHE Paris 2021

A salon dedicated to experimentation of the photographic medium

Yasmina Benabderrahmane » Camille Benarab-Lopez » Sylvie Bonnot » Kim Boske » Antony Cairns » John Chiara » Caroline Corbasson » Grégoire Eloy » Bertrand Hugues » Ilanit Illouz » Alix Marie » Laurent Millet » Mouna Saboni » Marleen Sleeuwits » David Weber-Krebs » Vasantha Yogananthan » & others

Fair: – 14 Nov 2021

Thu 11 Nov 11:00

Le Molière

40, rue de Richelieu
75002 Paris


40, rue de Richelieu
75002 Paris


APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Negative HP4
Found – 1968
Developed in 2021
© Yasmina Benabderrahmane
Courtesy Galerie Bacqueville

This year sees a ppr oc he reach the important milestone of its fifth year in existence, demonstrating that its unique format, unlike existing models, has won over collectors, art lovers, participating artists and galleries, as well as professionals in the contemporary art world. A milestone marked by a return to normality at the Molière, the private mansion that has hosted the salon since its inception, and now emblematic of its more intimate format. To mark this event, I invited 5 curators to present one or two artists each, with the same ambition: to expand horizons, initiate encounters, and forge new ties.

APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Paravent 3 (réserve), 2021
Inkjet printing on adhesive film, cellular polycarbonate,
screen printing on fabric, plaster and silicone, plaster, steel,
72,8 × 43,3 × 29,5 in, unique piece
© Camille Benarab-Lopez
Courtesy Galerie Chloe Salgado

The artists selected this year reflect the major concerns of many of their contemporaries. Exploring new territories, whether geographical, scientific or imaginary, is central to works by Caroline Corbasson, Grégoire Eloy, Sylvie Bonnot and Ilanit Illouz. While Kim Boske and Bertrand Hugues lend a new form to reality through precise and calculated gestures. The experts of traditional techniques, Antony Cairns, John Chiara and Yasmina Benabderrahmane, experiment from the shooting and chemical bath processes, to the media used for printing. Mouna Saboni and Vasantha Yogananthan document and revisit their personal memories, somewhere between fact and fiction. While Camille Bénarab-Lopez and Alix Marie waver between photography, sculpture and installation, Marleen Sleeuwits and Laurent Millet go so far as to become set designers of the photographed in situ installation. Finally, David Weber-Krebs proposes a new form of experimentation, through an online performance which takes the form of a late-night Zoom call in which an over-stimulation of images leads to a shared sleep experience between the performer and the viewer.

The content is rich and diverse, with a series of discoveries that will encourage collectors and visitors to reflect on the current state of experimentation in the medium.

Yasmina Benabderrahmane » Galerie Bacqueville (fr,nl)
Camille Benarab-Lopez » Galerie Chloé Salgado (fr)
Sylvie Bonnot » Ségolène Brossette Galerie (fr)
Kim Boske » FLATLAND (nl)
Antony Cairns » Intervalle (fr)
John Chiara » Galerie Miranda (fr)
Caroline Corbasson » Galerie L'inlassable (fr)
Gregoire Eloy » Tendance Floue (fr)
Bertrand Hugues » Galerie Eric Mouchet (fr)
Ilanit Illouz » Galerie Fontana (nl)
Alix Marie » Ncontemporary (it)
Laurent Millet » Galerie Binome (fr)
Mouna Saboni » Galerie 127 (fr, ma)
Marleen Sleeuwits » Galerie Bart (nl)
David Weber-Krebs » secteur a ppr oc he (be, de)
Vasantha Yogananthan » The Photographers' Gallery (uk)

APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Amagoi No Taki #1, 2018
Photography, handmade washi- paper, dyed in natural indigo at Awagami factory,
Kamiyama, Tokushima, Japan, 64,4 × 43,5 in, paper size, edition of 3 + 2 AP
© Kim Boske
Courtesy Flatland Gallery
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
TYO4_050, 2019
Inkjet on 30 cream with multi colour stripe computer punch cards
Negative, 19,6 × 36,8 in, unique Piece
© Antony Cairns
Courtesy Galerie Intervalle
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Tompau. at Pintér József u., Budapest, Hungary, 2019
Negative image on Fujiflex Crystal Archive, 59 × 30 in,
signed and dated on verso, unique piece
© John Chiara
Courtesy Galerie Miranda
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Pollen, 2021
Caroline Corbasson and Andrea Montano,
15,6 × 12 in, color argentic print, unique piece
© Caroline Corbasson
Courtesy Galerie L’inlassable
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Grégoire Eloy
Glacier du Rhône, Switzerland, 2020
Lambda silver print on baryta paper,
39,3 × 49,2 in, Ed. 1/7 + 2 Artist proof
© Grégoire Eloy Tendance Floue
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Bertrand Hugues
2020JBBH04, 2020
Fresson print, carbon process, 23,4 × 29,7 in,
5 ex + 2 artist’s proof
© Bertrand Hugues
Courtesy Galerie Eric Mouchet
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Ilanit Illouz
Black Pampa, The Sinkholes series, 2016–2021, 2021
Fossilized salt print, 4 × 2 in, unique piece
© Ilanit Illouz
Courtesy Galerie Fontana
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Alix Marie
Miroir Miroir, 2019
Prined scan son mirror and metal frame
67 × 31,5 in, unique piece
© Alix Marie
Courtesy Ncontemporary
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Mouna Saboni
Ceux que nos yeux cherchent et ceux avant eux encore #13
Print on pearl paper, acrylic painted text, 8,2 × 11 in,
edition of 6 +2 artist proof, light oak frame
© Mouna Saboni Courtesy Galerie 127
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Marleen Sleeuwits
Interior no. 62, 2021
Ultrachromeprint with neon paper on aluminium in frame with museum glass
67 × 49,1 in, edition of 5 + 2 artist proof
© Marleen Sleeuwits Courtesy Galerie Bart
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
David Weber-Krebs
Screen shot from online performance The Guardians of Sleep (Online)
© David Weber-Krebs
APPROCHE  Paris 2021
Vasantha Yogananthan
An Ocean of Uncertainty
Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India, 2013
Black and white C-print hand- painted by Jaykumar Shankar,
34 x 42 cm
Edition of 7 + 1 AP
© Vasantha Yogananthan / Print Sales Gallery