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Images Gibellina
© Images Gibellina

Images Gibellina

Open Air & Site-Specific Photo Festival

Jun Ahn » Michela Battaglia » Olga Cafiero » Stefano de Luigi » Edoardo Delille & Giulia Piermartiri » Alina Frieske » Maurizio Galimberti » Simona Ghizzoni » Bruce Gilden » Stephen Gill » Cécile Hummel » Vincent Jendly » Francesco Jodice » André Kuenzy » Nicola Lo Calzo » Mimi Mollica » Roselena Ramistella » Riverboom » Robert Pufleb & Nadine Schlieper » Massimo Siragusa » Batia Suter » Carla Sutera Sardo » Dominique Teufen » Hayahisa Tomiyasu » Alberto Vieceli » Serena Vittorini » Fang Yen Wen » & others

Festival: 30 Jul – 29 Aug 2021

Images Gibellina


Images Gibellina
Gibellina (Vecchia) © Alberto Burri Photo: iStock-Elcurado

Images Gibellina
International Open-Air & Site-Specific Photo Festival

30 July - 29 August, 2021
Opening Days: 30, 31 July & 1 August

The Swiss biennale Images Vevey presents its new Italian partner biennale: Images Gibellina takes place every other year, alternating with the Festival Images Vevey. In just a few days, ImagesGibellina will open in Sicily, presenting over 30 exhibits to photography, architecture, andadventure enthusiasts! Unique in Italy, unusual and entirely free, the biennale will be held from 30 July to 29 August 2021.

Luigi Ghirri's atmospheres in the Sicilian night: the huge white sphere of Ludovico Quaroni's Chiesa Madre will lighten up thanks to a spectacular projection curated by Giorgio Di Noto and narrated by Ascanio Celestini. In addition to this, Swiss artist Batia Suter will also show his renowned project Radial Grammar on the spherical apsis: an experiment at the crossroads between art and architecture.

The opening days attendants will have the chance to take part to two free workshops run by Simona Ghizzoni & Stefano De Luigi. Please note: places are limited and registrations will close soon!

Images Gibellina
© Images Gibellina

Maurizio Galimberti, Jun Ahn, Dominique Teufen, Simona Ghizzoni: here are just a few contemporary photography practitioners who will join the visitors to talk about photography, but not just that: culture, architecture and conservation are among the topics that will be discussed, together withexceptional guests and partners.

Photography will meet other languages during The Blueman's itinerant performance. The silent mime with its machine-eye startles the passers-by andrecords their reactions that are sometimes curious, other times scared, but never cold.

Homage to Luigi Ghirri: Picture the Landscape – talk with Margherita Guccione (Director, MAXXIArchitettura) and Mario Cresci (Artist)
Architecture, Art and Ecology on the renewal of Italy’s Inner Areas – talk with Mario Cucinella (Architect), Sara Vegni (Head of Resilience Unit Action AID Italia), Emilia Giorgi (Critic and Curator). Chaired by Antonio Ottomanelli (Architect, Artist)

Images Gibellina will launch the new prestigious Permanent Collection of the Orestiadi Foundation, all dedicated to Photography.

More information: www.imagesgibellina.it

Images Gibellina
© Images Gibellina