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photo basel/berlin
Nomi Baumgartl for Stella Polaris Ulloriarsuaq: Mountains of the Sea I, 2012
180 x 120 cm, FujiFlex Lambda Print mounted on Dibond with Museumsglass

photo basel/berlin

Nomi Baumgartl » Thomas Heinser » Oliver Lieber »

Fair Presentation: – 13 Sep 2020

Thu 10 Sep

Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof Hangar 3-4

Columbiadamm 10

VISULEX Gallery for Photography

Loogestr. 6
20249 Hamburg

+49-(0)151 27125471


Wed-Fri 15-18, Sat 13-18

photo basel/berlin
Oliver Lieber: Mask United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Military 1915, 2018
100 x 125 cm, Fotoprint on AluDibond

Stella Polaris is the Latin name for the North Star, a significant point of reference for diverse cultures since the beginning of time. In the language of the Intuits of Greenland this fixed star in the northern sky is called Ulloriarsuaq. Under both names, "Stella Polaris* Ulloriarsuaq", an international photographic art project has originated, that captures Greenland’s disappearing ice through global warming. The project team including renowned German photographer Nomi Baumgartl (initiator of the project), Sven Nieder(photographer), Yatri N. Niehaus (film director), and Laali Lyberth (coordinator for Greenland) document the fragility of the world of ice during the polar night.

Born in the Ruhrgebiet, Germany and based in San Francisco, California, Thomas Heinser combines the precision of a commercial photographer and the specificity of a fine artist to his portraits of people and aerial photographs of intentional and unintentional man-made landscapes. In his aerial series of California, he documents the destruction of nature. Seen from the birds eye view, his pictures create an abstract aesthetic of the real and poignant damages to the California landscape.

The Stuttgart photographer Oliver Lieber shows in his series Respiration 18 gas masks from various European countries and generations. The masks were used in diverse capacities and functions - to protect the population and for military operations, but also for firefighting und in mining. He is especially interested in the conflict between the safety feature and the aura of menace these masks all exude.

photo basel/berlin
Thomas Heinser: West Marin 9493, 2019
135 x 108 cm, Archival Pigment Print custom framed