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photo basel/berlin
Patrik Fuchs: Nistkasten 14, 2011

photo basel/berlin

Patrik Fuchs » Kostas Maros » Sandro Livio Straube » Zak van Biljon »

Fair Presentation: – 13 Sep 2020

Thu 10 Sep

Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof Hangar 3-4

Columbiadamm 10

Galerie 94

Bruggerstr. 37
5400 Baden

+41-79 416 92 43


Wed-Fri 17-19, Sat 13-17

photo basel/berlin
Sandro Livio Straube: Schneekirche, 2019

Kostas Maros photographic work seeks to give visibility to the most elusive of things: sentiments and feelings. By capturing andexamining the subliminal allure of unconventional and often unknown places, and the people who inhabit them, Maros’ work evokes notions of mystery and curiosity within the viewer. At thesame time Kostas Maros’ conceptual photographic documentations ofvenues and its occupants is deeply personal yet universally relatable.

Sandro Livio Straube’s photographs are deeply enthralling precisely because of their depiction of seeming conventionality. Straube expertly turns his gaze towards objects and places that initially strike the viewer as ordinary. However, with closer examination it becomes clear that these objects and places are firsthand witnesses of timelessness, the quiet beauty of imperfection and durability.

Patrik Fuchs’ photographic imagery is deeply rooted in the Swiss way of living. He visually investigates the effects of urbanity and transitional periods on traditional buildings and objects. With a strikingly straight forward style, Fuchs isolates his objects from their surroundings and creates a vast catalog of visual indexicality.

The artistic works of South African photographer Zak van Biljon explore themysterious technical and visual world of infrared light. Due to van Biljon’s usage of the unique infrared technique and due to his controlled staging of light, van Biljon’s photographs depict organic material in electric pinks and vibrant reds. These unconventional visual effects prey upon our perception of representations of nature.

photo basel/berlin
Zak van Biljon: flowerfield, 2019