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Futures Photography 2020
Serie Archipélagos © Ire Lenes

Futures Photography 2020

PHotoEspaña 2020

Jon Gorospe » Ire Lenes » Ruth Montiel Arias » Bernardita Morello » Mar Sáez » & others

Exhibition: – 22 Nov 2020

Círculo de Bellas Artes

Alcalá 42
28014 Madrid

+34 91-3605400


Tue-Sun 11-14 + 17-21

Emerging artists take risks, explore new ways of visualising ideas and concepts, and work from fresh, unfamiliar perspectives. Futures is a platform devoted to photography and made up of renowned institutions from all over Europe, including festivals, publishing houses and museums. Its purpose is to boost the visibility and international outreach of artists and to provide them with mobility via its own resources and programmes to ensure that they gain access to this vast network of professionals, markets and audiences.

The platform, which is co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, adds new members every year. It currently encompasses 12 institutions including PHotoESPAÑA, British Journal of Photography (United Kingdom), CAMERA (Italy), Hyères Festival (France) or FOMU (Belgium).

The artists chosen in this edition are: Bernardita Morello (Buenos Aires, 1984), Mar Sáez (Murcia, 1983), Ire Lenes (Madrid, 1981), Ruth Montiel Arias (A Coruña, 1977) and Jon Gorospe (Vitoria, 1986).