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London Art Fair 2020

London Art Fair 2020


Takashi Arai » Tami Bahat » Olaf Otto Becker » Tom Blachford » Céline Bodin » Julie Cockburn » Ellie Davies » Susan Derges » Elaine Duigenan » Formento & Formento » Elisabeth Heyert » Scarlett Hooft Graafland » Tif Hunter » Leila Jeffreys » Sandra Jordan » Ege Kanar » Sandra Kantanen » Zhang Kechun » Karine Laval » Jocelyn Lee » Sherrie Levine » Steve Macleod » Jeffrey Milstein » Mercedes Parodi » Giles Revell » Almudena Romero » Andrea Torres Balaguer » Santeri Tuori » Isabelle Van Zeijl » Nick Veasey » & others

Fair: 22 Jan – 26 Jan 2020

Tue 21 Jan

London Art Fair

Business Design Centre- 52 Upper Street
N1 0QH London

+44-020 7288 6475


Photo50 is London Art Fair’s annual exhibition of contemporary photography, providing a critical forum for examining some of the most distinctive elements of current photographic practice. Guest curated every year, it highlights a timely theme in current photography and adds a space and context to the photography presented by galleries at the Fair.


Laura Noble presents ten female photographers aged over 50 for the fourteenth edition of Photo50 at London Art Fair 2020.

The latest edition of Photo50, Occupy the Void, curated by writer, collector and gallerist Laura Noble, explores the vast pool of talented living female photographers aged over 50 and the cultural ‘space’ that they inhabit.

Through the work of ten contemporary female artists working in the UK and internationally, the exhibition interrogates the physical, psychological and ephemeral nature of space and our experience of existing within it, both during our lives and after death.

The exhibition is split into three key themes: how women occupy space; the psychological and personal view of space; and the notion of time and the abstract in space. Viewers will be taken on a personal, psychological and spiritual journey, and will be invited to reflect on their own lives and to challenge their perceived place within society.

Premiering new and never-before-seen works, the exhibition reflects the variety of photographic formats in 2D and 3D, and the diverse traditional and non-traditional materials employed in photography today.

2020 Artists

Occupy the Void is an inclusive exhibition, presenting both established names and artists in the early stages of their careers, all of which are female and over the age of 50. Although 85% of women studying photography at university are women, only 15% of the industry is female. Thus Noble provides a platform for a diverse group of artists who are commonly underrepresented in the cultural dialogue, and offers them the opportunity to reclaim their space and the void.

Wendy Aldiss | Samantha Brown | Elaine Duigenan | Miranda Gavin | Elizabeth Heyert | Sandra Jordan | Rosy Martin | Mercedes Parodi | Danielle Peck | Kim Shaw