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First Woman on the Moon
Aleksandra Mir, 'First Woman on the Moon', 1999

Aleksandra Mir »

First Woman on the Moon

Loop Festival 2019

Exhibition: 12 Nov – 24 Nov 2019

CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània

c/ Montalegre, 5
08001 Barcelona

+34 (0)93-3064100


Tue-Sat 11-20 . Sun 11-15

What would have happened if it had been a woman to first land on the moon? This question triggered Aleksandra Mir’s iconic performance in the summer of 1999, when she set off to re-enact the legendary moon landing on a Dutch beach of lunar resemblance, with a group of women and a very limited budget. Taking place on the 30th anniversary of Neil Armstrong first walk on the moon, since its representation the performance has been widely shown in its documentary video format, a counter-narrative to the mediated reality on space exploration at the sole preserve of men. As a roughly edited soundtrack mingles a typical ‘sci-fi’ music theme with fragments of the conversations between President Nixon and astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin, First Woman on the Moon stands as a powerful feminist manifesto and a claim for gender equality that is till cogent today.