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Paris Photo 2019
Timm Rautert
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
From the series: Weltraum, Rome 2014/2015
21 color photographs, C-Prints
Each 38,8 x 38,4 cm (Image size)
Each 50,8 x 40,6 cm (Sheet size)
Embossing on lower margin
Unique prints

Paris Photo 2019

Edmund Clark » Yann Mingard » Timm Rautert » & others

Fair: – 10 Nov 2019

Wed 6 Nov

Paris Photo - Grand Palais - BOOTH D09

Avenue Winston Churchill
75001 Paris

Parrotta Contemporary Art

Brüsseler Str. 21
50674 Köln

+49 (0)221-92355901


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Paris Photo 2019
Edmund Clark
Plant 16, 2017
(Detail from My Shadow's Reflection, 2015-2017)
Archival pigment print
65 x 57 cm (Image/Sheet size)
Ed. 8 + 2 a.p.

Parrotta Contemporary Art presents works by three artists centering around issues of visibility with regard to notions of transparency and general public knowledge. Edmund Clark, Yann Mingard and Timm Rautert focus on the side effects and hidden facets of the so-called world order and its institutionalized forms of power. The artists capture what lies beyond the spotlights of media coverage or public reach, the unseen (or inofficial) aspects of political decisions, economic interests and social structures, which are based on hierarchy and principles of division. Gaining visibility through the photographer's eye, the extensive responsibilities of governments and agencies appear in a new light.

"In Place of Hate" by Edmund Clark deals with dangerous criminals who have committed serious offences. Clark presents images of pressed flowers he collected from the prison ground. The translucent forms, in which the plants' veins and markings become visible appear as a metaphor the inmates' experience at Grendon, where every action and flaw is closely observed by staff and peers and held to account and for how we, on the outside, see and choose what is beautiful or not.

In his series "Weltraum" (literally: "Worldspace", the German title also referring to "Outer Space"), Timm Rautert depicts different rooms and spaces in the Palazzo FAO, headquarters of the largest and oldest specialized agency of the United Nations in Rome, Italy. Comprising 197 member states, it leads international efforts to defeat hunger, focusing mostly on supporting agricultural and nutrition research and providing technical assistance to member countries to boost production in agriculture, fishery, and forestry. In this series, history and present day world politics are reflected in the light of national singularity and global unification.

In his most recent photographic project "Everything is Up in the Air, Thus Our Vertigo" (2014-2018) Yann Mingard is interested in a "photographic diagnosis of contemporaneity". He directs his attention to global phenomena, which he explores like a scientist through the gathering and comparative analysis of information. He collects observations from different periods, combines historical documents with actual image and text sources in a kind of inventory, displaying Earth in the Anthropocene in individual scenarios. At the center of the series "Great Aletsch Glacier" and "Pray" are climate change and alterations in the environment.

Paris Photo 2019
Yann Mingard
Untitled, from the series EVOLUTION, 2018
(Evolution 113)
C-Print on Hahnemuühle PhotoRag Baryta mounted on
aluminium in black wooden frame with UV-protective glass
70 x 55,6 cm
Ed. 1/5 + 2 a.p.