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Collections & Propositions

Nobuyoshi Araki » Édouard Baldus » Roger Ballen » Marcel Bascoulard » Jean-François Bauret » Cecil Beaton » Bisson Frères (Louis-Auguste & Auguste-Rosalie) » Brassaï » Adolphe Braun » René Burri » Harry Callahan » Étienne Carjat » Henri Cartier-Bresson » Lucien Clergue » Eugène Cuvelier » Bruce Davidson » Baron Adolphe De Meyer » Robert Demachy » Raymond Depardon » Robert Doisneau » El Lissitzky » Elliott Erwitt » Károly Escher » Walker Evans » Constant Alexandre Famin » Nan Goldin » John Beasley Greene » Wilhelm Hammerschmidt » Steve Hiett » Horst P. Horst » Izis (Israelis Biedermanas) » István Kerny  » André Kertész » Imre Kinszki » François Kollar » Les Krims » Germaine Krull » Jacques-Henri Lartigue » Firmin-Eugène Le Dien » Gustave Le Gray » Peter Lindbergh » Manuel Litran » Robert Mapplethorpe » Joel Meyerowitz » Daidō Moriyama » Charles Nègre » René-Jacques » Bettina Rheims » Marc Riboud » Herb Ritts » Willy Ronis » Genia Rubin » Sam Shaw » Malick Sidibé » Giorgio Sommer » Bert Stern » Louis Stettner » Félix Teynard » Max Vadukul » Wilhelm von Gloeden » Ellen von Unwerth » & others

Auction: 4 Nov – 5 Nov 2019

Tue 5 Nov

Millon et associés at Drouot - Richelieu

9, rue Drouot
75009 Paris

+33 01-48 00 99 44


Lot 289
Manuel LITRAN (né en 1927)
Mise en scène by Salvador Dali at the Hotel Meurice in the suite reserved for him two months in the year for 10 years, Paris, November 1977"
Vintage silver print on baryte paper, signature and handwritten caption in pencil and stamp of the author on the back
34,5 x 24,6 cm (40,3 x 30,5 cm)

Photographies "Collections & Propositions"
Tuesday, November 5th at 2 pm CET
Hôtel Drouot, room 12 – 9 Rue Drouot – 75009 Paris

Christophe Goeury and the Millon Auction House are pleased to announce their upcoming prestige photography auction of exemplary 19th and 20th century vintage and later prints, and Contemporary photography, that will be held in Paris in the Hôtel Drouot on November 5th.

The first collection is an ensemble of 65 lots, over 100 vintage and later prints, by the Franco-Russian Photographer Genia Rubin. Known as a fashion photographer, Genia Rubin’s prints integrate into a Surrealist canon. Rubin's portraits defy notions of "normality" and go beyond pure advertising as is common with Fashion photography of the 1930s-1950s. With strange shapes, floating body parts and bizarre landscapes, as well as theatrical lighting and dramatic shadows, these composed scenes reject a rational way of seeing the world, turning instead to a dream-like and imaginative environment. This collection is presented for the first time at auction and offers a significant range of Genia Rubin's photographic work. (Lot 159: 1 000 / 1 500 €)

The second collection, from the family estate of Jean-François Bauret, presents a series of dramatic nude portraits. The photographer’s son summarizes the artist’s work beautifully: "The people Jean-François Bauret photographs are often stripped naked, but we tend to talk more about the genre of portraiture rather than the nude. If he has placed the body on the same plane as the face, it is the gaze of the subject that first catches the attention of the viewer, as their personality is revealed. Merging the two genres of portraiture and the nude is unexpected and modern because Bauret choses his subjects more for their character than for their beauty. His nude portraits are controversial because they were aesthetically designed to convey a truth about the artificial representations of the body. No optical effects, light, scenery, accessories, staging. No particular expression, no eroticism. An almost absolute stripping. An image a little austere, difficult, but moving, touching, sensual, sometimes, always in the nature of the subject that presents itself to the photographer." With over 30 large scale vintage prints, these works will complement all collections of portraits or nudes. (Lot 259 - 1 500 / 2 000 €)
Alongside these collections are works covering the history of the photographic medium.

Lot 159
Genia RUBIN (1906-2001)
"L’Inconnue de la Seine ou Rêve bleu, Berlin, 1932 »
Vintage silver gelatin print, author’s wet stamps: "Rubin, Phot." et "Copyright et mention obligatoire. Eugène Rubin, PH." and labels on the back
29,6 x 23,8 cm
1 000/1 500 €

The catalog is available upon request, and online at the following link:

Public exhibition
Monday, November 4th, 2019 11am – 6pm
Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 11am – 12pm
Hôtel Drouot, room 12
9 Rue Drouot - 75009 Paris, France

Christophe Gœury
Tel: + 33 (0)6 16 02 64 91

For all inquiries, to receive the catalog, for information about leaving absentee bids or receiving condition reports or to take an appointment please contact:
MILLON Head of the Photography Department
Tel: + 33 (0)7 88 09 91 86

Alongside these collections are works covering the history of the photographic medium.

19th century highlights include: Several daguerreotypes, ferrotypes, autochromes representing outdoor views, animated scenes, nudes and portraits; travel albums of Peru and Japan and a collection of albums by amateur photographers in continental Africa; several albumen prints by Gustave Le Gray: a marine, and views of Egypt of which one is unknown (Lot 18 : 10 000/15 000 €); salt paper and albumen prints by French primitive photographers: Firmin-Eugène Le Dien, Louis Alphonse De Brebisson, Charles Nègre, Eugène Cuvelier, Édouard Baldus, Ildefonse Rousset, Pierre-Ambroise Richebourg, Charles David Winter, Comte Olympe Aguado, Étienne Carjat, Auguste Hippolyte Collard, Emile Mage, John Beasley Green, Baron Wilhelm Von Gloeden, Félix Teynard, Francis Bedford… With an uncut calotype and a salt paper print by Louis Rémy Robert. (Lot 15: 10 000/15 000 €).

20th century and Contemporary highlights include: An important chapter on French and American Humanist photography with a series of Parisian and London animated scenes by IZIS and portraits by Manuel Litran (Lot 289: 600/800 €); a selection of Russian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Czech and French avant-garde vintage prints by the photographers El Lissitzky, Alexandre Thimotheevitch Lebedev, Francis Bernard, Helene Büttner, István Kerny, Imre Kinszki, Klára Langer, André Kertész, Iván Hevesy, Károly Danassy, Geza Vandor, Milos Dohnanyi, Robert Hubert Payelle, Étienne Beöthy, Pavol Poljak… as well as sought after iconic images by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassaï (Lot 125: 3 000/4 000€), Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Harry Callahan, Robert Doisneau, Marc Riboud, Willy Ronis, Elliott Erwitt, Bruce Davidson, Roger Ballen, Joel Meyerowitz…

Contemporary highlights: large scale portraits by Malick Sidibé, portraits of Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern and Sam Shaw, a series by Les Krims, quality prints by Ellen Von Unwerth, Lucien Clergue, Raymond Depardon, Louis Stettner, Robert Mapplethorpe… large format Cibachrome prints by Nan Goldin, portraits and a graphic study by Peter Lindbergh (Lot 319: 6 000/8 000€), a personal monotype by Serge Mendjisky, fashion photography by Steve Hiett, Herb Ritts ... And much more !

With works by… Nobuyoshi ARAKI, Édouard BALDUS, Roger BALLEN, Marcel BASCOULARD, Jean-François BAURET, Cecil BEATON, Étienne BEÖTHY, Francis BERNARD, BISSON frères, BRASSAÏ, Adolphe BRAUN, René BURRI, Helene BÜTTNER, Harry CALLAHAN, Étienne CARJAT, Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, Lucien CLERGUE, Auguste Hippolyte COLLARD, Dimitrios CONSTANTIN, Henri COURMONT, E. COURRET, Harriet CROWTHER, Eugène CUVELIER, Károly DANASSY, Bruce DAVIDSON, ouis Alphonse DE BREBISSON, Baron Adolf DE MEYER, Branibor DEBELJKOVIĆ, Robert DEMACHY, Raymond DEPARDON, Milos DOHNANYI, Robert DOISNEAU, Henry ELKAN, Elliott ERWITT, Károly ESCHER, Walker EVANS, Constant FAMIN, Claude Marie FERRIER, Nan GOLDIN, John Beasley GREENE, Wilhelm HAMMERSCHMIDT, HARCOURT, Alfred HARDY, Iván HEVESY, Steve HIETT, Horst P. HORST, IZIS, Alphonse François JEANRENAUD, Henri KERELS, István KERNY, André KERTÉSZ, Imre KINSZKI, François KOLLAR, Les KRIMS, Germaine KRULL, Klára LANGER, Jacques-Henri LARTIGUES, Firmin-Eugène LE DIEN, Gustave LE GRAY, Peter LINDBERGH, EL LISSITZKY, Manuel LITRAN, Emile MAGE, Robert MAPPLETHORPE, Léopold-Ernest MAYER, Harry Ossip MEERSON, Serge MENDJISKY, Joel MEYEROWITZ, Pierre-Michel-Arthur de MONTMEJA, Daido MORIYAMA, Charles NEGRE, Robert Hubert PAYELLE, Jean-Marie PÉRIER, Pierre Louis PIERSON, Pavol POLJAK, János REISMANN, René-JACQUES, Bettina RHEIMS, Marc RIBOUD, Pierre-Ambroise RICHEBOURG, Peter-Cornell RICHTER, Herb RITTS, Louis Rémy ROBERT, Willy RONIS, Horatio ROSS, Ildefonse ROUSSET, Genia RUBIN, Albert RUDOMINE, Ernst SCHNEIDER, Sam SHAW, Malick SIDIBÉ, Giorgio SOMMER, Charles SOULIER, Bert STERN, Louis STETTNER, Félix TEYNARD, Alexandre THIMOTHEEVITCH LEBEDEV, Max VADUKUL, Geza VANDOR, Baron Wilhelm VON GLOEDEN, Ellen VON UNWERTH, Charles David WINTER…

Lot 259
Jean-François BAURET (1932-2014)
"Isabelle Barbôt, 1990"
Vintage silver print, titled and dated on the mounting, stamp of the author on the back
40 x 58 cm (51 x 60,5 cm)
1 500/2 000 €
Lot 18
Gustave LE GRAY (1820-1884)
"Girgeh, Haute Egypte, 1867"
Albumen print from paper negative, mounted
31 x 41,5 cm (38 x 52,6 cm)
10 000/15 000 €
Lot 15
Louis Rémy ROBERT (1811-1882)
"Alfred Thompson Gobert, décorateur à la Manufacture [Sèvres], c. 1850
Salt paper print after paper negative, mounted, handwritten caption on the assembly
13,2 x 22,7 cm (26,3 x 32,5 cm)
10 000/15 000 €
Lot 125
BRASSAÏ (Gyula Halász, dit) (1899-1984)
"N° 313. Paris - vue de Notre Dame, 1934"
Silver gelatin print from 1976 on cartoline paper, signed numbered and dedicated in ink on the margin. Signed, author’s stamp and written annotation by the author on the back
19,7 x 32,9 cm (29 x 39,5 cm)
3 000/4 000 €
Lot 319
Peter LINDBERGH (1944-2019)
"Force of men, hommage to Rodtchenko, Duisburg, Germany, 1984"
Silver print mounted on dibond, captioned, numbered 6/25 and signed by the author on the back
98 x 64 cm (à vue)