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Woven Matters
From the series 'False Idol', 2016 © Leonard Surayajaya

Woven Matters

Unseen Photo Fair 2019

Luján Agusti  » Joana Choumali » Inka Lindergard & Niclas Holmström » Lucie Khahoutian » Mous Lamrabat » Zohra Opoku » Elena Subach » Leonard Suryajaya » & others

Exhibition: 20 Sep – 22 Sep 2019

Thu 19 Sep

Unseen Photo

Bleiswijkstraat 8,
1051 DG Amsterdam


Woven Matters is a group exhibition that explores the use of textiles in photography in a variety of ways. The exhibition will explore the relationship between the physicality and tactility of materials, such as thread and fabric, and the two dimensionality of the photographic medium. Through the use of these materials, the works weave in common themes such as family and identity – creating, and building on, narratives of cultural identity and heritage.

The main component of the exhibition is a duo presentation by the artists Zohra Opoku and Joana Choumali. Two artists who, who were chosen from within the larger group of panelists from the Living Room, curated by Unseen and LagosPhoto. Their work strongly connects to their personal histories as well as a larger conceptualisation of the African diaspora through the use of textiles. There will also be the work of Luján Agusti, Lucie Khahoutian, Mous Lamrabat, Elena Subach, Leonard Suryajaya, and Inka & Niclas Lindergård on show, giving an overview of other practitioners and their use of textile in relation to the explored themes.

Curator: Amelie Schüle

Special events:

Saturday 21 Sept, 18:00 - 19:00, Tour with Joana Choumali

Sunday 22 Sept, 13:30 - 14:30, Tour with Amelie Schüle, Curator Unseen