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© Mariko Takahashi

Mariko Takahashi »


Exhibition: – 6 Oct 2019

Photographers' gallery

2-16-11-401 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku
160-0022 Tokyo



Daily 12-20

Until now Mariko Takahashi’s work has focused on subjects such as her mother and others close to her, dolls, plants, and taxidermy photographed in indoor light, images of food in extreme colors, or doll collages. These works have experimented with a range of expressions, as if exploring the boundaries of her heart and the world around her. The new works on display here are a unique medley of portraits of women in their 40s – mainly her junior high and high school classmates and former roommates (again shot only with interior lighting) – and images of clothes, souvenirs, and decorations. This is her first solo exhibition at Photographers’ Gallery in six years.