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The Athens Photo Festival 2019 - Main exhibitions

Terje Abusdal » Liza Ambrossio » Bubi Canal » Alejandra Carles-Tolra » Valeria Cherchi » Alinka Echeverría » Anna Ehrenstein » John Paul Evans » Weronika Gęsicka » Ina Jang » Namsa Leuba » Romain Mader » Alix Marie » Simon Menner » Klaus Pichler » Danila Tkachenko » & others

Exhibition: 14 Jun – 28 Jul 2019

Thu 13 Jun 20:00

Benaki Museum - Pireos St Annexe

Piraeus 138 & Andronikou, Rouf
118 54 Athens

+30 210-3453111


Thu, Sun 10-18; Fri, Sat 10-22

Exploring critical issues of our times, the festival attempts to bring together a range of different perspectives from emerging and established artists and photographers from all over the world with the aim to raise awareness and foster an understanding of contemporary culture and society through photography in all its forms. The exhibition program of the festival will be comprised of a series of solo and group exhibitions, presenting a wide variety of works, ranging from fine art to documentary and photojournalism, photo-based installations to multimedia.

The exhibition program will be comprised of a wide variety of works from all the image-based genres, ranging from fine art and conceptual work to documentary, imaginative storytelling and photo-based installations, interactive, multimedia works and more.

The main exhibitions reflect the diversity of contemporary photography, featuring recent works by 100 emerging and established artists from 32 countries, 10 multimedia projects and a wide selection of photobooks.