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photo basel 2019
Wetterseite VI, 2009 © Patrik Fuchs

photo basel 2019

Patrik Fuchs » Anna Lehmann-Brauns » Silvio Maraini »

Fair: – 16 Jun 2019

Mon 10 Jun

Volkshaus Basel

Rebgasse 12
4058 Basel

Galerie 94

Bruggerstr. 37
5400 Baden

+41-79 416 92 43


Wed-Fri 17-19, Sat 13-17

photo basel 2019
El Rio, 2016 © Anna Lehmann-Brauns

photo basel

11 - 16 June, 2019

Patrik Fuchs is a photographic collector. Fascinated by the visual common property of our living worlds, by our trust in the familiar. He traces the everyday, at home in Switzerland or on extended journeys across the continent.
In the "ordinary" Fuchs searches for the typical, the aesthetic peculiarities, the beauty and the fractures. He encounters the supposedly banal in an unbiased manner; benevolent but incorruptible and direct. He works with the relationship between figure and function, space and atmosphere, without being irritated by the presumable modesty of his objects. This equal and appropriate view enables a closeness that Fuchs sometimes increases to intimacy. Yet his view of things is unagitated and inviting, his photographic precision captivating.
Mindful, he uncovers residual amounts of meaning and relationship. His found objects are not displayed, but attentively interpreted. His works reveal, without exposing. The gaze penet- rates the surface. Fuchs plays with the auratic, the touch of memory and presentiment; he depicts his motifs with the almost cool calm of mind that allegory or still life also makes use of. His photographs are serious but with a fine sense for the playful, the oblique. He is not a purist, but a lover of the simple and the invisible.
Patrik Fuchs (*1973), who grew up in Toggenburg, has lived in Zurich since 1996. First he works as a freelance photo assistant, later as a production assistant and location scout. He opened his photo studio in Zurich's industrial quarter in 2008 and his son Hannes Ernst was born in 2009. He is represented by the photographer agency Tina Aich.

Anna Lehmann-Brauns was born in Berlin in 1968. She is a graduate of the master class of Joachim Brohm, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. She lives and works in Berlin.
Lehmann-Brauns photographs are internationally known today. In May 2009 her works were presented at the New York Photo Festival. Already in 1997 the gallery owner Sascha Laue be- came aware of Lehmann-Brauns works.

Silvio Maraini: Born in 1970, grew up in Baden. Studied geophysics at ETH Zurich, working as a project mana- ger in the field of environmental protection.

photo basel 2019
Reservoir Chapf 1, 2010 © Silvio Maraini
photo basel 2019
Reservoir Chapf 2, 2010 © Silvio Maraini