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Images Beyond Limits
Paulita, Sumidero, Pinar del Rio, 1959 © Alberto Korda

Images Beyond Limits

A Comprehensive Exhibition of Cuban Phtography

Juan Carlos Alom » Raúl Corrales » Ricardo Elias » Jesse A. Fernandez » Alberto Diaz Korda (Guttierrez) » René Peña » Marta María Perez Bravo » Osvaldo Salas »

Exhibition: – 28 Jul 2019

Wed 5 Jun 20:00

Casa de América

Marqués del Duero, 2
28014 Madrid

+34 91-5954800


Mon-Fri 11-19:30 . Sat 11-15

This exhibition, which consists of over 100 images by 50 photographers, is an effort to illustrate and exam the evolution of photography in Cuba from 1840 to the present.

The progression of Cuban photography serves as a continuous record of the country’s life and at the same time a source of visual symbols where critical metaphors prevail the images. Photography in Cuba has experienced diverse moments of inflection that have enriched the artistic panorama of the country, from documentary photographs of history and society, the pictorialist images, and so-called «epic photography» (during the initial years following the 1959 revolutionary triumph), to the works that beginning in the 80s reveal the inception of a postmodern iconography. On that account, many Cuban artists are deservingly recognized in the international art circuit for their talent and expressivity.