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Paper Flowers
Per Morten Abrahamsen
Purple Rain, 2019
Hans Alf Gallery

Per Morten Abrahamsen »

Paper Flowers

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019

Exhibition: 8 Jun – 29 Jun 2019

Fri 7 Jun 17:00 - 19:00

Hans Alf Gallery

Holbergsgade 8
1057 Copenhagen

+45 3-3162232


Tue-Fri 13-18, Sat 12-15

In “PAPER FLOWERS”, Per Morten Abrahamsen presents a series of works that break with the two-dimensional plane of photography and reach out towards the viewer. By cutting out elements and simultaneously adding layers and contours, the ever-experimenting photographer attempts to rediscover the classical still life in a new context: Flowers, treated in a seemingly perfunctory way, are lifted out of the frame by Abrahamsen’s intervention, and transformed into wild and dynamic explosions of color in the pictorial space.