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It's All WHITE
Anna Domnick

Anna Domnick »

It's All WHITE

Exhibition: – 9 Jun 2019

Kunsthallen Nikolaj

Nikolaj Plads 10
1067 Copenhagen

+45 3-3931626


daily 12-17

The Greenland ice cap presents itself from a new and impressive perspective when photo artist Anna Domnick opens her exhibition It's All WHITE at the Upper Gallery of Nikolaj Kunsthal.

Step into an all white room to meet a wondrous, unrecognisable aspect of the ice cap. With close-ups of ice cores and large-scale crystals, the artist presents detailed landscapes that induce the mind to reflect on the wholeness of the universe and the sky above us.

The young award-winning photo artist has created a spectacular exhibition specifically for the Nikolaj Kunsthal Upper Gallery with the frailty of the Arctic and our understanding of the universe as the unifying themes. The main concern of the exhibition is the climate; but with a distinct, self-reflecting approach, focusing on aesthetics and geophysics rather than man-made changes.

In the making of this exhibition, Anna Domnick has worked with the relationship between photo and research, allowing the spectator in her works to experience the universal details that the ice has to reveal about our existence.

It's All WHITE has come into being in close collaboration with researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute and NASA after the artist took part in a research expedition to the Greenland ice cap. During the exhibition there will also be talks by writers, researchers and the artist herself.

The exhibition has come into being with support from the Goethe Institute and in close co-operation with researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute, Centre of Ice and Climate, University of Copenhagen.