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Strangers in town
Eva Stenram
Detail from Vanishing Point (2016)
Digital print on silk, framed C-type print on Fuji Chrystal Archive Paper, wood support
73 x 100 cm / framed 81 x 108 cm / length of fabric 10 m, Edition of 3

Strangers in town

Yoshinori Mizutani » Eva Stenram »

Exhibition: 22 May – 20 Jun 2019

Tue 21 May 18:30

mc2gallery Milano

Via Giovanni Lulli, 5
20131 Milano

+39 02-87280910


Tue-Fri 15-19 +

Mc2gallery is pleased to present in Milan the exhibition of the two international artists:
Yoshinori Mizutani (Japan,1987) and Eva Stenram (Sweden,1976) in a double exhibition:
"Strangers in town" curated by Claudio Composti.

Two ways to use the medium of photography, in two opposite way, till to what we can define as post-photography. The exhibition opens while exhibiting at the same time two other young artists, hosted in the Project room: Jonny Briggs and Ruth Beraha curated by Emanuele Norsa - Ncontemporary .

Four foreigner artists in the city - strangers in town - whose play with four different visions about the world and about the society in which we live, talking about important themes such as the politic, the culture, the family (Ruth Beraha and Jonny Briggs) the nature (Yoshinori Mizutani) or the re-use of vintage images, taking the form of art-installation and what we can call "post photography"(Eva Stenram).

These themes make us reflect about prohibitions, changes, nature, relationships and homo-phobias, often against foreigners. Power of the images.
Power of the art.

The exhibition is part of Milan Photo Week (3-9 June).
In collaboration with
The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam | IMA Gallery, Tokyo