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Capture Photography Festival 2019

Capture Photography Festival 2019

Amalie Atkins » Nikhil Chopra » Lynne Cohen » Christos Dikeakos » Anita Dube » Gauri Gill » Greg Girard » Torrie Groening » Shilpa Gupta » Adad Hannah » Mona Kuhn » Man Ray  » Jeff Mermelstein » Pushpamala N. » James Nizam » Sophie Ristelhueber » Marissa Roth » Tejal Shah » Umrao Singh Sher-Gil » Eva Stenram » Krista Belle Stewart » & others

Festival: – 30 Apr 2019

Thu 4 Apr 19:00

Capture Photography Festival

305 Cambie Street
V6B 2N4 Vancouver



Capture Photography Festival 2019
Pushpamala N
Sunhere Sapne (Golden Dreams) 1998
hand-tinted black and white photograph
Shumita and Arani Bose Collection, NY

Each April, photography and lens-based art is exhibited at dozens of galleries and other venues throughout Metro Vancouver as part of the Exhibition Program, alongside an extensive Public Art Program, a youth-oriented Learning Program, and an Events Program that spans tours, films, artist talks, and community events.

Capture Photography Festival 2019
Tejal Shah
Between the Waves (Outer, Inner, Secret) 2012
(still) 3-channel video installation with audio
Courtesy of the Artist, Barbara Gross Galerie Munich and Project 88, Mumbai
Capture Photography Festival 2019
Umrao Singh Sher-Gil
Sisters in bed c. 1932
modern silver gelatin print with selenium toning
Courtesy of PHOTOINK
Capture Photography Festival 2019
Adad Hannah
The Decameron Retold (after The Decameron, Waterhouse)
Image courtesy of Equinox Gallery and Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain
Produced with the support of the Richmond Art Gallery and the community of Richmond. Supported by the Canada Council New Chapter programme.
Capture Photography Festival 2019
Amelie Atkins
The Summoning 2013
chromogenic print 40" x 50"
Courtesy of Amalie Atkins
Capture Photography Festival 2019
Jeff Mermelstein
Statue (‘Double Check’ by Seward Johnson), New York, 11 September 2001
Private Collection