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Haute Photographie 2019 Rotterdam
BIRD from the series Congo Tales, 2017

Haute Photographie 2019 Rotterdam

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Fair: – 10 Feb 2019

Wed 6 Feb 18:00

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Haute Photographie 2019 Rotterdam
CLARO QUE SE from the series Amazonia, 2018

Pieter Henket rose to fame by portraying celebrities such as Lady Gaga. Recently he travelled to the Congo with a team in order to document the locals’ oral histories for the very first time. The people of Mbomo, in the middle of the Congo rainforest, lead isolated lives in harmony with nature. Their oral history, filled with folkloric tales and myths, have never been written down or shared outside of their community. After years of preparation, Henket documented the locals while they prepared for and acted out their own myths. The series Congo Tales combines intimate portraits of the characters in black and white with epic scenes in full colour, often in the context of the rainforest.

Paul Cupido’s work is concerned with and reflects upon the quest for inner peace, in the knowledge that quiet resignation is usually followed by renewed turmoil. From inside life’s paradoxes, Cupido searches for beauty in the transient. Interwoven processes of searching and making constitute his versatile approach to photography and other media. In 2017, Cupido graduated cum laude from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam (BA) with the first installment of his ongoing multimedia project Searching for Mu. He was awarded an artist-in-residence at the Belfast Photo Festival 2017 and the Hariban Juror’s Choice in Japan. GUP Magazine included his work in New Dutch Talent 2018. Cupido’s work has been exhibited at Haute Photographie (Rotterdam and Stockholm), Foam (Amsterdam), Athens Photo Festival 2018, Festival Internacional de Fotografia (Paraty), and Encontros da Imagem (Finalist Discovery Awards, Braga). Summer 2018 he continued working on Searching for Mu in residency in the Brazilian Amazon.

Justine Tjallinks aims to capture the uniqueness of individuals and the diversity of human beauty. Strongly inspired by the master painters from the Dutch Golden Age, her artworks feature muted colours and balanced compositions. Fashion design is often used as an additional means of expression. Even though a sense of nostalgia speaks through her art, the aim is to always remain in line with the contemporary zeitgeist. Tjallinks, a self-taught photographer, started her career as an art director and worked for several leading fashion titles in The Netherlands. After some years working with photography in this way, she realised that she wanted her own vision through photography to come to life, and decided to take the leap towards a new career in 2014.

Haute Photographie 2019 Rotterdam
Opulence from the Series Modern Times 2017
Haute Photographie 2019 Rotterdam
Carla van de Puttelaar
from The Rembrandt Series 2016