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Inner world / Mundo propio
Grete Stern. Cordoba y Esmeralda, (ca. 1959)

Inner world / Mundo propio

Modern Argentine Photography 1927-1962 / Fotografía moderna argentina 1927-1962

Horacio Coppola » Juan Di Sandro » George Friedman(n) » Annemarie Heinrich » Sameer Makarius » Pedro Otero » Anatole Saderman » Grete Stern » & others

Exhibition: – 9 Jun 2019

Thu 21 Mar 19:00

Malba Museum - Coleccion Costantini

3415 Figueroa Alcorta Avenue
C1425CLA Buenos Aires

+54 11-48086500


Mundo propio. Fotografa moderna argentina 1927-1962 [A World of Their Own, 1927-1962], presents a broad panorama of the avant-gardes in Argentine photography over three decades, and brings together a selection of 200 works –most in prints from the period– by Horacio Coppola, Grete Stern, Annemarie Heinrich, Anatole Saderman, Sameer Makarius, Juan Di Sandro, Pedro Otero, Hans Mann, George Friedman and Alicia D'Amico, among other well-known photographers who paved new paths in the field of our nation's photography, and with other highly original work by less celebrated figures.

Although photography existed in our country since the mid-19th century, with the first portraits in daguerrotypes and documentary or costumbristashots (scenes of customs and manners), this exhibition shows the emergence of the avant-garde in Argentine photography starting in 1927, and the break it marked with the documentary and pictorialist paradigms that had dominated the era.

Beginning in the 1930s, the photographers represented in this exhibition endowed their work with a modern thinking that aspired to place photography on equal footing with other forms of artistic creation. In this sense, modernity revealed the relationship with forms of expression such as literature and design, and brought about the creation of the first photo clubs and other appropriate settings for exchanging ideas, which fostered further reflection on the discipline.

Curator: Facundo de Zuviría.