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Same Seasons, Different Memories
Yoo Youngjin, The Weathering, 2018

Same Seasons, Different Memories

Greetings from South Korea

Chung Heeseung » Beak Jungki » Kim Seunggu » Ha Tae-Bum » Yoo Youngjin »

Exhibition: 13 Jan – 24 Mar 2019

Sun 13 Jan 14:00

Three Shadows Photography Art Center

No.155, Caochangdi, Chaoyang District
100015 Beijing



Tue-Sun 10-18

Same Seasons, Different Memories
Ha Tae-Bum, Syria 1, 2016

Curator: Park Haeni

Most of us experience a variety of seasons in our lifetime. Though they may come and go in cycles every year, each season has its distinct color, temperature, and fragrance, as well as moments perceived differently depending on individual experience that are consequently remembered independently. We fill these seasons with our daily routine and livelihood without any special occasion; only to later realize that countless memories were being created and connected by the environment around us. In this exhibition, under the title Same Seasons, Different Memories, Korean artists Beak Jungki, Chung Heeseung, Ha Tae-Bum, Kim Seunggu and Yoo Youngjin, present Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, through their own perspective and language. Their works embody and capture a moment or memory of the artist's expression of the cycle of time, seasons, and human nature, both literally and figuratively, giving us the chance to stop and reflect on the changing times.

Same Seasons, Different Memories
Kim Seunggu, Swimming Pool, 2016 From the series Better Days

Beak Jungki
Born 1981, Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul.

Beak Jungki was trained in Korea and in the UK, receiving his M.F.A. from Glasgow School of Art, UK, PG Diploma (Fine Art) from Chelsea College of Art, London, UK and B.F.A. in Sculpture from Kookmin University, Seoul. Driven by an interest in religion, Eastern philosophy, and science, Beak’s work explores the power of basic yet extraordinary physical processes. He has held numerous exhibitions in Korea and abroad, including at such Korean institutions as MMCA, Seoul Museum of Art, Leeum, Amore Pacific Museum and SongEun ArtSpace. A recipient of the SongEun Excellence Art Award in 2012, Beak has also been invited to Delfina Residency in London and Doosan Residency in NYC.

Chung Heeseung
Born 1974, Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul.

Chung Heeseung graduated with a B.A. in Painting from Hong-Ik University, Korea (1996) and B.A./M.F.A.(2007) in Photography from London College of Communication. Her frank portrayal of everyday objects raises questions about the limitations and nature of photography, the core medium of representation. She has held numerous exhibitions in New York, London and Seoul, and has also received many awards, including the Unveil’d Photobook Award (2016), the 11th Daum Prize, Korea (2012), the 11th SongEun ArtAward - Excellence Prize, (2012), Photo España 2008 Descubrimientos PHE, Spain (2008), Critical Mass Top 50, Photolucida, USA (2008), Nikon Discovery awards, UK (2007).

Ha Tae-Bum
Born 1974, Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul.

Ha Tae-Bum works with video and three-dimensional installations based on photographic images. He was originally trained as a sculptor, receiving his M.F.A. from Stuttgart State Academy of Art & Design, Germany, in 2009, and his B.F.A/M.F.A. from Chung-Ang University, Korea, in 2001. He is mainly interested in truth and the mass media’s distribution of information about current incidents and accidents occurring in our society. He recomposes in his works catastrophic incidents, natural disasters, wars and accidents. He also collects photographs of terrorist attacks and crime scenes exposed in the media to re-fabricate these scenes into decolorized, white objects. Then he photographs them in an exactly identical composition as the reported news images. Ha Tae-Bum is the recipient of the 2013 SongEun Art Award - Excellence Prize (SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul), as well as two other art prizes: one from the SeMa Young Artist Support Program, Seoul (2010), and the 23rd Joong-Ang Fine Arts Competition - Excellence Prize, Ho-Am Art Hall, Seoul (2001). He was a finalist for the Korea Artist Prize in 2015.

Kim Seunggu
Born 1979, Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul.

Kim Seunggu received his M.F.A in Fine Arts, from the School of Visual Arts in Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, in 2012. His works can be found in many public Korean collections including the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul), Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (Ansan), GoEun Photo Museum (Busan) and Dong-gang Photo Museum (Yeongwol). He was a finalist for the Lens Culture Art Photography Awards 2018. In 2019, Kim Seunggu will have a solo exhibition at Filter Space in Chicago, USA.

Yoo Youngjin
Born 1988, Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul.

Yoo Youngjin graduated with a B.F.A. in Photography from Chung-Ang University, Seoul, in 2013. The same year, he participated in an artist residency at Laznia Center for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland. Yoo Youngjin has participated in several group exhibitions and festivals, such as New Generation - Sizak at The Museum of Photography, Seoul (2014), Lianzhou Foto, China (2013), 5th European Month of Photography in Berlin, Germany (2012) and Breda Photo Festival, Museum of the Image, Breda, The Netherlands (2012).

Same Seasons, Different Memories
Beak Jungki, Is of: Mt. Seorak in Autumn # 5, 2012
Same Seasons, Different Memories
Chung Heeseung, Untitled #12, from the series Rose is a rose is a rose, 2016